16 Week Ultrasound

16 Week Ultrasound

16 Week Ultrasound

Beginning in the 16th week of pregnancy, along with your body size, your working capacity also changes. This is an exciting part of your pregnancy as you will feel the movement of your baby any day .

Since you are still feeling bloated, you may not know the difference between your baby’s movements. But the good news is there is a pattern to it, so pay attention to it. Another big development is that your baby will start to recognize your voice, so you and your husband can start talking to him. 16 Week Ultrasound

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Why ultrasound scan is needed in 16th week

In the 16th week of pregnancy, along with the movements of the fetus, the curiosity of a pregnant woman also increases. With this, it becomes important to get an ultrasound done at this time to understand the growth and development of the baby. Taking care of the baby and the mother in the womb is essential before delivery and keeping this need in mind, there are some reasons for getting an ultrasound done during pregnancy, 16 Week Ultrasound

Why ultrasound scan is needed in 16th week

  • Ultrasound scan during pregnancy helps in understanding the regular growth and development of the baby. Ultrasound is more helpful in examining the baby’s organs to detect any kind of abnormality.
  • Ultrasound gradually becomes an integral part of your pregnancy. Through this the size, structure or pathological signs of the baby can be determined.
  • During pregnancy you can see the baby in your womb and this scan helps to alert you to routine and emergency care before delivery.
  • Ultrasound can help understand if the baby is healthy and safe and has no abnormalities.
  • Genetic problems, such as Down syndrome or another chromosomal defect or other neural tube disorder, may also be detected.16 Week Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound in the 16th week of pregnancy can detect the heartbeat and the health of the heart and other organs. The scan can also detect signs of heart defects and diseases in your baby. 16 Week Ultrasound
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Your baby’s development in the 16th week of pregnancy

This week is really special as your baby’s genitals will be fully formed, eyes are still sensitive to light and as already mentioned, baby is starting to recognize sounds. Plus, your baby can now yawn inside your belly.

Your baby's development in the 16th week of pregnancy

The smaller muscles and spine are getting a little stronger, which means your baby can now straighten his head and neck more than in the past few weeks. Your baby’s facial features have matured, enabling them to open their half-open eyes. However, your baby’s skin is still transparent.

What is the size of the child?

This is probably the most exciting part because your belly is home to a 4-5 inch fetus that weighs around 100 grams. The other exciting part about the size of your baby is that your doctor will now know whether the baby is a girl or a boy, since the genitals are fully formed. Keep in mind that the size of the baby at 16 weeks pregnant can vary depending on different medical factors. 16 Week Ultrasound

General physical changes

Because your baby’s body and weight has changed as early as 16 weeks, it is no surprise that you will notice some changes at the end of this week of pregnancy. For starters, your body will be more rounded than before and you’ll definitely need to wear bigger clothes. 16 Week Ultrasound

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The bulge of your stomach will also start showing. Apart from this, you must have noticed that your mood swings have subsided, there is a glow on the face . 16 Week Ultrasound

Symptoms of 16th week of pregnancy

  • Now you may have back pain due to the weight of the fetus.
  • The size of your breasts will definitely increase and they will remain sensitive.
  • Your eyes will be more sensitive due to changing hormones.16 Week Ultrasound
  • You may be constipated often. 16 Week Ultrasound
  • Due to the constant hormonal changes happening in your body, you will start forgetting small things. 16 Week Ultrasound

Belly in 16th week of pregnancy

Sometimes you may have trouble breathing. This is because your baby is growing in size, gaining weight and feels free to move around in your tummy. Your belly is definitely big enough and a pregnancy can be detected.

Belly in 16th week of pregnancy


More importantly, there will be plenty of movement inside your tummy as the baby may start kicking or spinning, and you will want to be careful as muscle twitches and gas are common symptoms of the 16th week of pregnancy.

What should be to ​eat

  • Eating a little chocolate can be good for you, but as a regular habit, continue to consume fruits and yogurt – which aid in digestion as well as provide essential nutrients. 16 Week Ultrasound
  • String cheese is one of those salty foods that you will love and it is also rich in calcium and protein.
  • Include plenty of vegetables in your diet so that your baby gets the nutrients he needs for growth.
  • Make sure that you consult a doctor and take the proper dosage of the appropriate vitamin. This ensures that you get all the nutrition that you cannot get from food alone. 16 Week Ultrasound
  • Meat, some red meat, fish, eggs, pulses are all good options to include in your diet as they contain easily digestible protein.
    Make sure you include iron, vitamin C and calcium in your diet.


Tips and Care

This is the time when you should start taking extra care of yourself. Eating the right food will help you gain weight, as you must have the strength to bear the weight of the baby. Keep in mind that you do not overdo any work, as it can have a negative effect on your unborn child.

What to do

  • Exercise or walk to relieve your back pain or leg cramps.
  • Remember you are not eating for two! You are just providing nourishment to yourself and your baby. So, eat your heart out, don’t overeat!
  • Get plenty of rest and enough sleep.
  • Stay hydrated without over-consumption of soft drinks.
  • Think positive and be happy as this will improve mental health.

What should do not

  • If you have any bad habit then leave it as it can have adverse effect on the health of the child.
  • Drinking too much tea or coffee can have a negative impact on your child’s overall health.
  • Keep yourself away from contaminated areas.
  • You can get tired from doing heavy work.
  • Do not starve yourself or your baby.
  • Stay away from dirty environment.
  • Pay attention to oral health.
  • Keep yourself stress free.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for help when you need it.

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