Friends, in today’s era, we use digital clock, mobile etc. for the information of time, with the help of which we can See the time quite easily.  Time is detected by these devices. But sometimes our screw gets stuck on these two words AM and PM used in them.

  • AM Full Form Is “Ante meridiem”
  • PM Full Form is ” Post Meridiem “

History of AM and PM

When we had no any time measurement instrument that time we was divide whole day in two parts .

>First Method :- people used to look at the direction of the sun to see the time. And everybody used to know on the basis of that, how much time is going on now. 

>>Second Method :- The time of evening and night in which the time was determined based on the direction of the moon. 

>>Over time, it evolved into a 12-hour system.  Which used to start at midnight and end in the afternoon . This 12-hour system was used in ancient Egypt.  The same Romans used the 12 Hours system to find the time of day. And at night time they divided it into 4 Watches. 

>>The first mechanical watch was invented in the 14th century.  And in Europe, this clock used a 12-hour system, in which all the numbers were written in the Roman language.  

>>These watches had a double XII system that had both Am and Pm time periods.  During the 15th, 16th century, the 12-hour system was gradually used in public use throughout Europe. At that time the 24-hour system was used only in some special applications or astronomical clocks.

AM or PM in the afternoon and night?

>>12 Hour System which requires the use of AM and PM, but it also has some disadvantages.  The most important challenge in this is to identify the time of midday and midnight in it.  

>If it is talked about 12 noon then it can neither be done in AM nor PM.  Because AM is the time before noon and PM is after noon.  The same problem occurs at midnight. 

However, most Digital Clock shows midnight at 12 PM and 12 AM at noon.  To avoid this confusion, it is advisable to write 12-midnight and 12-noon. 

At this time the second challenge in the system also comes in the correct identification of the date.  When someone tells you 12 o’clock at night.  Suppose some of your friends told you that they are coming to your city on March 8 from the 12 AM’s train.  And you have to go get it.  Then you will have Confusion whether those friends are coming on the night between 7 and 8 March or on the night between 8 March or 9 March. 

AM PM Meaning

As we saw above, AM’s Full Form is Ante Meridiem, it is a Latin language word meaning Before Noon. If you see the time in your watch between midnight and 12:00 noon to 12:00 AM, then AM will be written after the time.  AM PM FULL FORM

And PM’s Full Form Post Meridiem (pm) is also a Latin word meaning After Noon. If you see the time in your watch after 12:00 noon and before 12:00 in the middle of the night, then in your watch you will see PM written after the time. AM PM FULL FORM

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What is the difference between AM and PM?

The main difference between AM and PM is that AM is used in digital clocks, mobiles, etc. to show the time before noon or in the morning.So PM is used to indicate the time after noon or at night.

Importance of using AM PM

If you are giving someone some time, then you must use AM or PM in it, Like if you tell someone that I will call you tomorrow at 8:00 am. So it does not indicate whether you will call at 8:00 in the morning or at 8:00 in the evening. You can say that I will call at 8:00 in the morning or in the evening, Or now you can also call at 8:00 PM or 8:00 AM.  


Use of PM is very important to get the correct information of time in 12 hours time system, It is often seen that people do not have the right knowledge of AM and PM. And they do not understand that AM and PM mean morning or evening.  AM PM FULL FORM

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Why is it important to know about AM and PM?

In today’s time, all the modern gadgets in which time is shown, only 12 hours time format is used. AM and PM are used in this format. Not only this, this time format is also used in railway bus station etc. Due to which it becomes important to know about am and pm.  AM PM FULL FORM

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