Business Law Questions

Business Law Questions

In This Article  You Will Know About Best Business Law Questions

Explain the following terms

  •  Voidable Contract. 
  • Unpaid seller 
  • Undue Influence 
  •  Seller 
  • Revocation. 
  •  Quasi Contract 
  •  Pledge 
  •  Endorsement. 
  • Holder-in-due-course 
  • Free consent 
  • Endorsement in Blank 
  • Contract 
  • Consideration 
  • Coercion 
  • Cheque 
  • Agency by Rectification 
  • Agency by Ratification
  • Stocks
  • State Consumer Protection Council
  • Share holder 
  • Rights of a partner
  • Public Company 
  • Prospectus 
  • Promoter.
  • Outgoing Partner
  • Model Bye-Laws. 
  • Lifting the Corporate Veil. 
  • Indoor management 
  • Goodwill of a firm 
  •  Goodwill 
  • Forfeiture of shares 
  • Dishonour of Cheque. 
  • Consumer Society 
  • Consumer goods 
  • Appeals. 
  • Acquisition of membership of a co-operative society

Questions for Long Answers and Short Notes

  • Who is Unpaid Seller? What are his rights? 
  • What is offer? Explain the features of valid offer.
  •  What is mean by Bills of Exchange?
  •  What is Lien? Business Law Questions
  • What is delivery of Goods? State the rules of delivery of goods. 
  • What is Crossing of Cheques? Explain the various types of Crossings. 
  • What is Bailment? Explain the kinds of bailment’s and its essentials. 
  • What do you mean by Delivery of goods? Explain its rule.
  • What are the various types of crossing of cheques? 
  •  What are the modes of the discharge of contract? 
  • Explain the Concept of Negotiable Instrument. Set out its Characteristics. 
  • Explain the term Endorsement. 
  • Describe the Contract of Indemnity and rights of indemnity holders. 
  • Enumerate the Concept of Negotiable Instrument and its Features. 
  • Appointment of agent. Rights and duties of agent. 
  • “All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contract”…Explain. 
  •  What is offerand Invitation to offer? 
  • What are the various Types of Agents? 
  •  What are the various types of Hundies.

Top Question For Business Law

  1.  Distinguish between :
  •  Void and voidable contracts
  • Void agreements and illegal agreements

2.Explain “an offer must be communicated to the offeree” with cases,

3.Explain the term consideration and state the exceptions to the rule – ‘No consideration, No contract’.

4. A minor fraudently represented to a moneylender that he was of full age, and obtained a loan of Rs. 500. Has the moneylender any right of action against the minor.

5.Who is a sub agent? What are consequences of the appointment of a sub-agent? Distinguish between a sub-agent and a substituted agent.

6.Distinguish between fraud and misrepresentation.

7. What is continuing guarantee? How can it be revoked ?

8.Define bailment and briefly state the duties of the bailor.

(9) Define condition & warranty and explain :

(i) Condition as to merchantability

(ii) Condition as to sample

(10) What is the doctrine of caveat emptor.

(i) Distinguish between Right of lien and stoppage of goods in transit.

(ii) Condition and warranty.

11.Explain the privileges of a holder in due course.

12.Discuss the law relating to bouncing of cheques.

13.Define a negotiable instrument. Can a promissory note be made payable to bearer?

14.What is an endorsement ? Explain the Kinds Of Endorsements.

HOT Question For Business Law

1.Mr. Sooraj sold 10 acres of his agricultural land to Mr. Murli on 25th September 2019 for Rs. 25 Lakhs. The Property papers mentioned a condition, amongst other details, that whosoever purchases the land is free to use 9 acres as per his choice but the remaining 1 acre has to be allowed to be used by Mr. Chander, son of the seller for carrying out farming or other activity of his choice. On 12th October, 2019, Mr. Sooraj died leaving behind his son and wife. On 15th October, 2019 Mr. Murli started construction of an auditorium on the whole 10 acres of land and denied any land to Mr. Chander. 

Now Mr. Chander wants to file a case against Mr. Murli and get a suitable remedy. Discuss the above in light of provisions of Indian Contract Act, 1872 and decide upon Mr. Chander’s plan of action?

2. (a)Enumerate the differences between Wagering Agreements and “Contract of Insurance with reference to provision of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

(b) Explain in detail the circumstances which lead to liability of firm for misapplication by partners as per provisions of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

(c) Mike Limited company incorporated in India having Liaison office at Singapore. Explain in detail meaning of Foreign Company and analysis on whether Mike Limited would be called as Foreign Company as it established a Liaison office at Singapore as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013?

3.. (a) Ms. R owns a Two Wheeler which she handed over to her friend Ms. K on sale or return basis. Even after a week Ms. K neither returned the vehicle nor made payment for it. She instead pledged the vehicle to Mr. A to obtain a loan. Ms. R now wants to claim the Two Wheeler from Mr. A. Will she succeed?

(1)Examine with reference to the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930, what recourse is available to Ms. R?

(ii) Would your answer be different if it had been expressly provided that the vehicle would remain the property of Ms. R until the price has been paid?

4.(a) Explain any six circumstances in detail in which non-owner can convey better title to Bona fide purchaser of goods for value as per The Sale of Goods Act, 1930.

(b) P, Q, R and S are the partners in M/S PQRS & Co., a partnership firm which deals in trading of Washing Machines of various brands. Due to the conflict of views between partners, P & decided to leave the partnership firm and started competitive business on 31″ July, 2019, in the name of M/S PQ & Co. Meanwhile, R & S have continued using the property in the name of M/S PORS & Co, in which P& Q also has a share.

Based on the above facts, explain in detail the rights of outgoing partners as per the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and comment on the following:

(i) Rights of P & Q to start a competitive business.

(ii) Rights of P & Q regarding their share in property of M/S PQRS & Co.

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Business Law Questions
Business Law Questions

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