Business Studies Project Class 12

Business Studies Project Class 12

Business Studies Project Class 12


Oiling one’s hair is one of the most important things, if we want to take care of our hair. It is very necessary that hair is given Proper treatment which would mean a massage with some of the most beneficial oils. Having the right kind of oil for your hair is very important and so is oiling your hair. Many of us have a hectic schedule due to which, oiling and washing our hair holds the last priority. If you want healthy hair and one which lasts longer – oiling is the best remedy. 

Indian hair care market is mainly dominated by the hair oil segment, which constitutes over half of the overall market. Coconut oil comprises the main segments of hair oil market, Usage of hair oil is a typical Indian traditional habit. It is perceived to offer benefits of nourishment, hair strengthening, faster and better growth, and reduced the problem, hair

falling there are two types hair oil available in the market Coconut oil and non-greasy perfumed Oil. Coconut oil comprises 2/3rd of the total market and the balance comprises the non greasy perfumed oil. Business Studies Project Class 12

Some of the most popular and very beneficial oils which are being wed for beautiful long hair with indefinite good qualities are – Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rosemary Herbal oils etc. Business Studies Project Class 12

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Reason for Selecting

Purchasers of hair oil have a wide array of option to select ranging from light, heavy, cooling types. Hair oil purchase is a decision which purchasers evaluate carefully. In country Like India where the hair care market is growing at a rapid pace, various types of hair oils are being launched it becomes important for both store and company to understand Shopper preferences. Shoppers were explored to find their Preferences and this was followed by factor and cluster analysis to understand the dimensions involved. this paper Strives to understand behaviour of shoppears in terms of purchase preference, frequency of use, brand loyalty.

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Reasons –

1. Determining your Hair’s Porosity

  • Hairs which are very porous will  easily absorb mast anything that you place on it. Business Studies Project Class 12
  • In case of take to the coloring colour your hair Porous hairs will take to the colour very well.
  • If you just straightened your hair and want it straight for the next 3 days, a porous head probably won’t be able to go a few hours until the hair reverts. Business Studies Project Class 12

2. Know your Hair texture

  • Hair texture actually Refers to the thickness of  Individreals hairs.
  • Thickly textured hairs will stand the addition of heavier better and oils while thinner textured hais may find better, heavier oil to be heavy on their strands.

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3. Experiment

Find that having a little of this and mixing with a little of that can often bring incredible results to your hair. since your hair isn’t uniformly one type. Experimentally is certainly key.  There’s no need to buy gallons of one particular oils you haven’t tried out just because your bottle wes it and it works wonders for her. Business Studies Project Class 12

Competitive Hair oil Brands


Bajaj Hair Oil is the key brand in the kitty of Bajaj Corp Ltd. and is the leading brand in the light hair oil category. It is one of India’s Premium hair oil brands. Today Bajaj oils is amongst the fastest growing brands in the hair oil category growing in double digits year on year. It is the second biggest hair oil brands in India in terms of value. It is the largest brand in the in the light hair oil category and currently orons close to 60 % market share in the Light Hair oil segment. 

Bajaj’s Almond oil has great health benefits in terms of healthy skin. Almonds Prevent Premature appearance of wrinkles and dry skin as well. Today’s Youth Prefer Bajaj Almonds as it fulfills the dual benefit of do-good due to almond and Vitamin E, nourishment and look good because of its Non-sticky feed thus giving you ease of styling. Business Studies Project Class 12

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Dabur – A mame, a brand, a way of life for billions of people across the globe. from its humble beginnings in the bylanes of kolKata way back in 1884, Dabur has today emerged as a true India transnational with Portfolio of products that has no just won the trust of consumers in over 60 countries, but has become an inseparable part of their daily routine.

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Dabur Ranked as the no. 2 social Brand of India at the click Asia Summit 2012. Dabur Ranked as the most trusted Brand in Healthcare and personal care Category in the Brand trust report 2012. Business Studies Project Class 12

A market leader in its category and one of oldest brands, Parachute Coconut oil today stands for Purity and quality over the years, the brand has seen a lot of innovations in Packaging, sizing and tamper-proofing. Parachute enjoys enormous loyalty in urban , semi-urban and oural Market Parachute oil is made from natural ingredients that have been chosen specially keeping in paind the delicate nature of children’s Hais. Business Studies Project Class 12

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Emami Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing Personal and Health care business in India, with an enviable Portfolio of households brand. Established in 1974, we have a portfolio of over 250 Products based on ayurvedic formulation. Emami’s current operations comprise more than bo countries. Emomi after years of research has brought a, breakthrough in hair oil- a unique combination of 7 oils that will repair hair damage. this extraordinary oil, co-created by Indian and International Hair experts. It reduces Hair Fall upto 96% and Makes Hair upto 20x stronger. Business Studies Project Class 12


Himalaya’s hair oil prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth. It is enriched with the goodness of Bhringaraja and Amalaki which strengthen the root shafts and Prevent hair fall.

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the root shafts and Prevent hair fall. Himalay Herbals is a range of 100% natural and safe Products with rare herbs collected from the foothills of the Himalayas. Each Product combines the best of Ayurveda with Years of dedicated research · Batch to Batch Performance and complete Purity and safety are assured through the application of advanced Pharmaceutical technology.

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Permissions And Licences Required

Manufacturing of hair oil comes under the purview of the Drug and Cosmetics Act, 1940, thus, various rules laid down by the act have to be followed for its Manufacturing, for example, the hair oil should not include objectionable in  gredients as listed by the act. Also, it should follow the rules for testing the product on animals or anywhere as permissible. # is necessary to obtain a drug manufacturing license for the sale of ayurvedic medicine and cosmetics in India. Business Studies Project Class 12

Patent Registrations

Patent rights are given by government to the employees for having innovative products, No companies can copy design, technology, etc. if the product is secured through Patents. the company has to pay fees to the registrar on the timely basis till the company want the Patent rights, Business Studies Project Class 12

Trade Mark

A part of brand which is given legal Protection is called trade mark. Applying for the trade mark is an easy procedure. the company has to give the list of brand names for which it needs trademark only one of the name is selected out of the list.

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Branding is a process of assigning a distinctive name or a symbol to a product by which it is to be known and remembered.

The company’s brand has been named as ‘Wow as our company is targeting the masses of all income levels and wants our Hair Oils to not just be used by the urban crood but also the rural crowd and people with comparatively less Income as India is a Population with 70% people situated in the Rural area India, the brand name has been registered and so is the tagline and logo. Business Studies Project Class 12

So for trade marks and branding of the hair oils , the above logo is used the reason behind the logo is that is a universal colour and very possessive. Even people with colour blindness can identify it. Business Studies Project Class 12

Our motive is to make our companies hair oils popular to the masses at an affordable rate with the best quality possible.

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A unique combination of s oils that will repair hair damage. This extraordinary oil, Co-created by the Indian Hair Experts, provides incredible nourishment t o hair without weighing it down. this oil with a pleasant fragrance can be used on hair types. this hair oil reduces Hair fall zepto 97%, and makes Hair upto 20x stronger. Business Studies Project Class 12

The Power of 5 oils gives Amazing Hair Benefits 


Har vitamins of A, B, D and E that recondition and soften hair, making it grow strong and healthy. Business Studies Project Class 12


Rich in Minerals and proteins it moisturizes hair, Severses hair damage and keeps scalp free from flakes. Business Studies Project Class 12


Rich thinning, Premature in Vitamin C and minerals it prevents graying and promotes hair growth.


 Rich in antioxidants and minerals it nourishes hair roots, promotes hair growth and lights dandruff. Business Studies Project Class 12


Helps retain moisture and nutrients within the hair, preventing hair loss and protecting from external damage.

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Three level of packaging 

Primany Package


It refers the immediate packing ot product . It remains with product till it is used.

Secondary Package


These are additional packing which give nove protection Gerually consumers throw that when they start using the product such as cardboard “box used to keep ony companie’s hair oil bottles. Business Studies Project Class 12

Transportation Packaging

These are packing used four stowing our transporting the good. This backing protection gives  to goods. Like corrugated boxes used to shift our companie’s product.

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 Channels of Distribution

Helps in Production Function

Producers can concentrate on the production process, leaving the responsibility of selling to the intermediaries, who are experts in their profession. The money spent in marketing can also be used for production. Business Studies Project Class 12

Matching Demand and Supply

The main function of intermediaries is to combine the aggregated products and components of different producers and prepare a proper compilation which provides convenience to the end consumer. According to Alderson, “The goal of marketing is to match the segments of demand and supply.” It breaks the bulk of the production and fulfills the lesser requirement of each consumer.

Provide Distribution Efficiency to Manufacturers

Distribution channels bring producers and consumers closer together in an efficient and economical manner. It is not practical for a producer to establish his own network of sales outlets in the outside market and sell his products directly to the consumers, without the help of any external distribution channel. Business Studies Project Class 12

Channels Provide Salesmanship

Distribution channels are especially helpful in establishing new products in the market. Dealer-recommended selling is a common practice in many consumer products. Dolls promote the purchase of the product they promote/disseminate. They are also pre-sale and after sale. provide to customers. They keep on transmitting the feedback received from the producers’ feedback to the producers. Business Studies Project Class 12


Promotion is the process of communication with the potential buyers involving in formation, permission and influence. It includes all all types of Personal and impersonal Communication with customers. Business Studies Project Class 12

Radio Advertising

A catchy jingle and quick tag line can enhance a radio ads effectiveness. Matching the station you choose with your target demographic is  key. If you want to reach adult aged 35 to 6H, an adult Contemporary station is a good bet. An alternative of urban station is good to reach youth aged 18 to 24.

Door Hangers and flyers

Canvassing the neighborhood, placing flyers in mailboxes or hanging ads on doorknobs, is a good way to target a spectac area, and to make sure your Potential customers have seen your information. Even if most homeowners will discard the information, gaining a handful of clients may be enough for a positive return on the marketing campaign investment.

The Point and Graphic Arts Media ..!!

Many retailers prefer advertising in local newspaper because it provides maximum flexibility in terms of budget, timing, coupon feedback Product and Price Mix. the perception rate is high because the reader can get more than one impact from the same messege.

Television Advertising

It is an important Promotional tool which reaches mass and is economical too, we will be giving advertisement on tov. having a celebrity with an  encouraging personality. the sights, and sounds of tu help advertisers appeal to different sences at the same time. Since television is a primarily visual medium, advertisers appeal to your senses through attractive Sights.

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Personal selling

the company has the ups with major institutions. the representative will distribute the free sample to the Students in different school. We will be giving out the catalogues of our product outside the school giving the advertise ment on newspaper or  Magazines. There is no season for the Promotion of the product because oil is that kind of product which is used day and

night by the customer. Public relation and effective Communication that may use to provide information to different parties about the Product.

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we will use mainly road transport for transporting our products to the various agents. our company, Wow’ will be able to transport to thousands cartoons per month, approximattly Is Lakhs Hair oil bottles.

We have many branches in various states , managed by colleagues , those colleagues oil receive the Hair oil bottles, transported by Wow’s’ from main official Headquarters.

Then those colleagues will transfer these Hair oil bottles different cities that are assigned in cities will give it to the retailers.

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