Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Shrimp fish is a popular and favorite seafood of most of the people. But many times people say that consuming Shrimp during pregnancy is harmful for the health of the child. In this article, we will try to know whether eating Shrimp during pregnancy really affects the health of the baby? If not, what are the benefits of eating lobster during pregnancy? Because it has been seen many times that women who eat non-veg have a craving to eat Shrimp in pregnancy.

What exactly are shrimp?

Shrimp is a carnivorous food found in sea and fresh water. Shrimp helps in increasing the mental and physical development of humans. The body of the shrimp is divided into three parts and it has small legs. About 2800 species are found in shrimp and they have special properties. It helps in changing male and female. The upper surface of the shrimp is very hard and many colors in color. Therefore, it becomes a bit difficult to see them. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Is it safe to consume shrimp during pregnancy?

If a pregnant woman eats non-veg, then she should consume seafood. Fish is rich in all types of vitamins. Apart from this, the woman also gets protein from sea foods. In such a situation, a pregnant woman should eat only a few selected fishes. Including Shrimp. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Is it safe to consume prawns during pregnancy?

“Mercury fish should not be eaten during pregnancy, because consuming fish containing mercury can affect the nervous system of the baby. Therefore, some fish should not be eaten by pregnant women, such as fresh tuna, shark fish and tile fish.

You can eat fish in which mercury is found in small amounts. For example, fish like salmon, shrimp, cod, tuna and rohu etc. can be eaten. At the same time, if you had any health problem before pregnancy, then you should contact your doctor at once.

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What are the benefits of eating prawns during pregnancy?

There are many benefits of consuming prawns during pregnancy. This benefits the health of both mother and child. Always remember that what the mother eats reaches the child’s body. Following are the benefits of eating prawns during pregnancy:

Vitamins are available in abundance

Consuming shrimp during pregnancy provides vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iodine, copper, phosphorus, zinc, iron, etc. Eating prawns boosts the immune system, balances thyroid levels, and plays a role in the child’s brain development. Along with this, the vitamin D present in it helps in the development of bones and teeth of the child. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

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Shrimp are a good source of protein

Eating prawns can be considered a good source of protein during pregnancy. Eating foods rich in protein maintains blood sugar level. Eating prawns during pregnancy can be more beneficial for healthy muscle mass.

Eat Shrimp During Pregnancy for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Shrimp are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. According to a research, consuming prawns develops the eyes and nerve connections of the unborn child. In such a situation, eating prawns can be good for your baby’s eyes and nervous system.

What are the benefits of eating prawns during pregnancy?

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Low in calories

Healthy weight gain and adequate nutrition are essential during pregnancy. Shrimp is low in calories and hence it is a healthy and great option to get nutrition without consuming unnecessary fat. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Rich in other nutrients

Shrimp also contains other nutrients that are easily absorbed by our body and are needed by the body to protect and heal itself. Selenium is a type of antioxidant that helps reduce cell damage and provides protection in some cases of cancer. The amino acid helps build new cells and repair damaged cells, and astaxanthin has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Shrimp is full of all these nutrients.

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Vitamin-C Supplementation

Vitamin-C is also found in shrimp and vitamin-C is considered essential during pregnancy. Actually, it is an anti-oxidant, which can help protect the body from free-radical damage. Apart from this, vitamin-C is also considered essential for skin, bone and tissue. In addition, it can also work to promote the correct absorption of iron in the body. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Vitamin D supplementation

It is also rich in vitamin D and the right level of vitamin D during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of complications such as premature birth, low birth weight and pre-eclampsia.

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Should I not eat Shrimp during pregnancy?

As we have just discussed, there are many health benefits of eating Shrimp during pregnancy. However, before this , discuss with the doctor about related to eating Shrimp or any seafood. If you still have doubts, eat small portions first and see if your body reacts to the contrary. Then your diet can be changed accordingly.

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Some women may be problem to allergic reactions to Shrimp during pregnancy. Following are some of the dangers of shrimp during pregnancy, let us know; Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Cholesterol: Shrimp is also high in cholesterol. Shrimp is not safe for you and your unborn baby if your cholesterol level is high.

Allergies:-  If you are allergic to seafood, it is advisable to stay away from Shrimp. It can cause reactions such as abdominal pain, itching, rashes and swelling. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Mercury  :- If you have consumed Shrimp extracted from dirty water, you may have health problems due to water pollution and rising levels of toxic chemicals. Shrimp can absorb pollutants in its body. Sea Shrimp may contain high amounts of mercury which can adversely affect the development of your unborn baby’s nervous system. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

Infection: You should eat only cooked Shrimp during pregnancy. Raw or undercooked fish is highly harmful and can cause many health hazards, such as blood poisoning, food poisoning or other harmful infections to the baby.

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When should you not eat shrimp during pregnancy?

  • Shrimp should not be consumed during pregnancy in the following situations:
  • If the doctor does not allow to eat Shrimp. Can pregnant women eat shrimp
  • Do not consume it in case of excess cholesterol in the body, Because cholesterol is found in it, which can cause the risk of high cholesterol in the body. Can pregnant women eat shrimp
  • If a pregnant woman is allergic to seafood, then she should not include shrimp in her diet, as it can cause allergic reactions .
  • Do not consume it in case of any complications during pregnancy without consulting a doctor. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

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Some tips for eating Shrimp during pregnancy

Some tips for eating Shrimp during pregnancy
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  • Always buy Shrimp from a trusted and reliable place. Make sure this fish is thick and smooth, don’t buy Shrimp with colorless or shriveled eyes. Can pregnant women eat shrimp
  • Avoid preparing or eating raw seafood, such as sushi, during pregnancy. Dried Shrimp are safe to eat during pregnancy if they have been thoroughly cleaned and cooked thoroughly. Can pregnant women eat shrimp
  • If you don’t have the option of fresh Shrimp, go for good quality frozen prawns and defrost them before cooking.
  • Make sure you clean it thoroughly before cooking. You can cook it with its shell as well as without the shell.
  • Wash them thoroughly and cook them. The shells of well-cooked Shrimp look red and the flesh looks white and opaque. You can soak it in lukewarm salted water for about 10 minutes before cooking and then wash it thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating seafood in restaurants. Can pregnant women eat shrimp
  • Steam the prawns and fry them well.

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What does eating shrimp do for your body?

Beneficial in increasing thyroid hormone

Shrimp is very beneficial for our body. It helps in making thyroid hormone along with keeping the body parts healthy. A good amount of iodine is found in this fish. Thyroid hormones develop the brain and baby of a pregnant woman.

Reduce hair fall

Shrimp should be consumed to make the hair strong. There are some nutrients in shrimp that strengthen the hair roots and reduce the problem of fall. However, due to zinc deficiency, hair starts falling and there is plenty of zinc present in shrimp. By consuming it, the problem of hair gets reduced and new hair also starts growing.

Strengthen bone

To strengthen bones, people consume different types of food items. So that, the bone can be made strong. Let me tell you, consuming shrimp strengthens the bone. It contains a good amount of calcium which strengthens the bones. Apart from this, it helps in the formation of new tissue. Therefore, eat shrimp in the food.  Can pregnant women eat shrimp

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Beneficial for skin

If the skin is not taken care of properly, the beauty of the face starts decreasing prematurely. That’s why you should give special care to your skin. For which the nutrient should be included in the diet. That’s why people often recommend eating shrimp, because many types of nutrients are found in shrimp, which helps in increasing the beauty of the skin.

Protect the heart

Shrimp is beneficial for our body as well as heart. It contains some enzymes that prevent blood clotting. Stroke in the heart occurs due to blood clotting. In this case, fibrinolytic enzymes are given to the patient. Shrimp contains a good amount of fibrinolytic enzymes. Therefore, shrimp should be consumed daily. Can pregnant women eat shrimp

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