Fraud In Business Law

Fraud In Business Law     Fraud {Sections 17 }   Indian Contract Act 1872 The term fraud includes all intentional or wilful misrepresentation of facts which are material for the formation of a contract. The most important thing in fraud is the intention to fraud the other party which distinguishes it from misrepresentation.  “Fraud” …

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Business Law Questions

Business Law Questions In This Article  You Will Know About Best Business Law Questions Explain the following terms  Voidable Contract.  Unpaid seller  Undue Influence   Seller  Revocation.   Quasi Contract   Pledge   Endorsement.  Holder-in-due-course  Free consent  Endorsement in Blank  Contract  Consideration  Coercion  Cheque  Agency by Rectification  Agency by Ratification Stocks State Consumer Protection Council Share holder  Rights of …

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