Percentage Questions For SSC

Percentage Questions For SSC If decreasing 120 by x% gives the same result as increasing 40 by x% of 210 is what percentless than (x + 200% of 180?  यदि x से 120% कम हो रहा है, तो परिणाम 40 के रूप में बढ़ाकर 210 के x% से बढ़ाकर 180 के% (x + 20)% से …

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Percentage Questions In Hindi

Percentage Questions In Hindi There were two candidates in an election. 10% of voters did not cast their votes. 60 votes were found invalid. The winning candidate got 47% of the total votes and won by 308 votes. Find the number of voters enrolled.         एक चुनाव में दो उम्मीदवार थे। 10% मतदाताओं …

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Inequality Questions

Inequality Questions Inequality Questions Give Answer  (A) If only Conclusion I follows  (B) If only Conclusion II follows  (C) If either Conclusion I or II follows  (D) If neither conclusion I nor II follows  (E) If both conclusions I and II follow   1.Statements: L>M, M>N, N >P Conclusions:  I. L>P       II. M …

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HCF And LCM HCF and LCM Online Test Find the greatest number that divides 556, 763 and 349 and leaves 4 as remainders respectively.  वह अधिकतम संख्या ज्ञात करें जिससे 556, 763 तथा 349 में भाग देने पर प्रत्येक स्थिति में 4 शेष बचता है? 69 92  36  54 Find the greatest number that divides …

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