Data Mining Techniques

Data Mining Techniques

Data Mining Techniques

There are different techniques ie methods of doing data mining. You can mine the data in any way. Every technique is best in itself. You can choose the technology according to your data type and data requirement and data usage.

We can also call data mining technique as a type of algorithm in which data can be mined using an algorithm i.e. organized, classified and it can be easily used in future. Here we are going to tell you about the mainly used data mining techniques. These are the techniques that are being used mainly for data mining nowadays.

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With this, you can organize any large database so that it can be easy to analyze or study it. So the following types of techniques are used by us for data mining. Data Mining Techniques

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  1. Classification
  2. Clustering
  3. Decision Tree
  4. Sequential Pattern
  5. Prediction
  6. Association
Data Mining Techniques


In classification, the data is classified on the basis of mathematical or machine learning and placed in different sets. Mainly this technique works on mathematical algorithms. In this technique there are pre-defined classes in which sets or groups of data are maintained. That is, first sets and groups of data are created on the basis of mathematical or machine learning, after which these sets or groups are kept in pre-defined classes.  Data Mining Techniques


The clustering technique works in reverse to the classification technique. As we told you that in classification based on mathematical algorithms, by classifying and grouping, the data is kept in pre-defined classes, whereas in clustering, data is clustered on the basis of characteristics instead of mathematical and data is created in it by creating new classes. is put to. In this, classes are not pre-defined like the classification technique, but new classes are created according to the nature of the data.

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Decision Tree

Decision tree can also be seen as a technique in which you have to make decisions based on the data of a database. This technique is used only in which the decision has to be taken. In this, a question or a fixed condition is made the basis. There is more than one answer to this question or condition. Each answer is analyzed on the basis of the basis. For example, if there is a question, then it has three answers, then we test each answer to see which one fits right around the exact or the exact exact. In this case, it helps to take the decision.  Data Mining Techniques

Sequential Pattern

Sequential pattern technique works completely on the basis of patterns in data mining. In this technique similar patterns are found in any database. After this the data is kept in sequence on the basis of these patterns. So that it can be easily found and analyzed on the basis of patterns.


As you might have come to know from the name, Prediction Technique is used to mine or analyze that type of data in which any prediction has to be done with the help of data. It is mostly used to find out market trends or to predict profit and loss in sales and retail marketing. In this, some data objects are compared with current ie current data variables and then analyzed. Accordingly, the prediction takes place.  Data Mining Techniques


This technique works on the basis of the relationship between data entries or sets. In this, we make a mutual relation of data items or entries of a database and their sets are made accordingly. Based on the relation, sets of data entries are created and associated so that we can easily access the data. This is the most commonly used technique. This technique is very easy to use and is being used the most at the present time.  Data Mining Techniques


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