Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife constitutes the primary natural heritage around the world. Continued industrialization and deforestation pose a threat of extinction of wildlife. Therefore, the natural heritage of the country’s natural sanctuaries, national parks, biosphere reserves, etc. are determined to preserve and preserve. Wildlife sanctuary refers to an area that provides protection and favorable living conditions to wildlife. Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

On the other hand, the National Park provides protection to the entire set of ecosystems of the region such as flora, fauna, landscape etc. Finally, biosphere reserves are those areas that conserve the genetic diversity of plants, animals, birds, etc.

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This article attempts to clarify the difference between wildlife sanctuary and  national park.

Basis for comparisonwildlife SanctuaryNational Park
MeaningA wildlife sanctuary is a natural habitat owned by a government or private agency that protects particular species of birds and animals.National parks are protected areas, which are established by the government to conserve and grow wildlife.
PreservesAnimals, birds, insects, reptiles etc.Flora, fauna, landscape, historical items, etc.
aimTo ensure that viable populations of wildlife and their habitats are maintained.To protect the natural and historical objects and wildlife of an area.
The bondThe restrictions are short and it is open to the public.Highly restricted, no person is allowed to visit this area without permission.
Official permissionNot required Expected
BordersNot sureFixed by legislation
human activityPermitted but to a certain extent.Not allowed

Definition of wildlife sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary, as the name suggests, is a place specifically reserved for the use of wildlife, including animals, reptiles, insects, birds, etc., otherwise known as wildlife refuges, this habitat, And provides safe and healthy living conditions. Wild animals especially for endangered and rare people so that they can live in peace for the rest of their lives and maintain their viable populations. Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

For proper management of the sanctuary, rangers or guards are assigned to patrol the area. They ensure the protection of animals ranging from poaching, hunting or harassment.

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature, soon called IUCN, has grouped wildlife sanctuaries into Category IV of protected areas. Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary


Definition of National Park

National park means an area specifically designated for the preservation of wildlife and biodiversity by the government because of its natural, cultural and historical importance. The national park is home to millions of fauna, animals, birds, insects, and microorganisms etc. of various genes and species, which gives them a healthy and safe environment.

National parks not only conserve wildlife, but also provide a recreation of the environment and natural heritage in a way and in ways that do not harm it, so as to provide enjoyment to future generations. Tree plantation, farming, grazing, hunting and predation of animals, destruction of flowers is highly prohibited. Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared national parks in Category II of protected areas. To visit national parks, official permission is required from the authorities concerned.


Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are both built for the conservation of animals. In which we can take care of the life of animals and save them.
  • In the national park, you cannot feed your animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, sheep etc. while you can feed them for some time in the wildlife sanctuary.
  • No tourist can go or stay in the National Park while people cannot stay in the Wildlife Sanctuary but can go for some time but do not hunt any kind.  Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The national park is more secure while the wildlife sanctuary is not as safe.
  • The national park is more powerful than the wildlife sanctuary.

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  • If national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are being built and your land is coming in, then the government makes a contract with you in the wildlife sanctuary with some kind of rules for it, whereas in the national park, they will give you money or compensation before they separate. Tax is given and the national park is completely under the government.
  • The wildlife sanctuary can be converted into a national park but the national park cannot be converted into a wildlife sanctuary.
  • People can go to the village to take wood etc. in the wildlife sanctuary while they cannot go to the national park.
  • The national park is not made for any particular type of animal, it houses every type of animal while the wildlife can be made for any special animal separately in the sanctuary. Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
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We hope you find the information given by us to be good and convenient to you. And if you see any kind of mistake, then you can comment us in the comment box given below and if there is any suggestion, you can also tell us that we will try our best to bring the information according to your wish in the next article. . Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary


Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary


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