Disaster management project class 09

Disaster management project class 09

Disaster management project class 09

Disaster management project

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I______________________ a Students of GBSSS School , TukhmirPur 

, have successfully completed the social science project on Disaster Management

For this I wish to thank my social science teacher Ms. Sappa Goel for guiding me to complete the project

I would like to thank my parents as well for providing me access to modern technology.le. internet


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What is Disaster ?

A disaster whether natural or human – Induced , is an event which results in widespread human lass. It is accompanied by loss of livelihood . Property causing suffering and loss in a definite area as shown in the picture 


Some of  the common features  that are normally seen in area affected by disasters list .

Disaster in the normal functioning of the society . thereby affecting a large number of people.

Large scale loss to life ,Property ,livelihood thereby affecting  the community which requires external aid to cope up with the losses.

A big blow to the country’s economy.


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What is Drought?

Drought: is a natural phenomenon, which happens when an area receives lesser rainfall then expected, or in comparison to the normal rainfall levels for the area. It is a dry situation characterised by deficit rainfall, lack of water for household use or agriculture, or a deficiency of surface or sub-surface water leading to acute shortage of water. Environmental degradation is a major factor that increases the effects of drought.

Deforestation, soil erosion (by wind and water), loss of bio-diversity and excessive use of ground or surface water result in drought. It causes large-scale starvation, loss of assets and livestock and death. Drought is a perennial feature in some states of India.

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What is Floods ?

Floods: are caused when water rises above and beyond its normal place or course, causing areas to be submerged with water for prolonged or short periods of time. They are caused primarily due to the peculiarities of rainfall in the country, and are the most frequent and often most devastating disaster in India. While the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers cause the largest floods in India, other areas in the west, east and south also experience floods.

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What is Cyclones ?

Cyclones: A cyclone is a storm that occurs due to a difference in temperature and pressure of air, over the warm waters of the Oceans. It is accompanied by strong gales and lashing rain, and tidal waves that cause floods in coastal areas. A cyclone can carry the power to destroy concrete buildings, blow away a cement roof, uproot trees, and wash away homes in villages.


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 The Earth we live on is made up of large plates of land that float over an ocean of semi molten rock. For thousands of years these plates have been constantly moving and shifting. (65 million years ago such shifting caused the Himalayas.) These movements in the Earth’s crust cause earthquakes, when two plates collide with each other, releasing energy.

Earthquakes that occur under water, in the oceans, cause huge waves called tsunamis that have some times raced across the ocean at 8000 km/h. Earthquakes are more likely to occur along faults. Delhi, our capital city lies near a fault, and is hence highly earthquake-prone. The fact that it is also densely populated and has crowded residential areas makes it more vulnerable to disaster.


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Map showing Seismic Zones in India

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  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster impact
  • Disaster Response
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disaster Mitigation

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Disaster Management Cycle

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  • Response measures are usually those which are taken immediately prior to and following disaster impact.
  •  Typical measures include:
  • Implementation of plans 
  • Activation of the counter-disaster system 
  • Search and Rescue 
  • Provision of emergency food, shelter, medical assistance etc. 
  • Survey and assessment 
  • Evacuation measures

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  • Recovery is the process by which communities and the nation are assisted in returning to their proper level of functioning following a disaster.
  • Three main categories of activity are normally regarded as coming within the recovery segment:
  • Restoration 
  • Reconstruction 
  • Rehabilitation

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Prevention : Action within this segment is designed to impede the occurrence of a disaster event and/or prevent such an occurrence having harmful effects on communities or key installations.

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Mitigation : Action within this segment usually takes the form of specific programs intended to reduce the effects of disaster on a nation or community. For instance, some countries regard the development and application of building codes (which can reduce damage and loss in the event of earthquakes and cyclones) as being in the category of mitigation.

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Disaster preparedness

Preparedness should be in the form of money, manpower and materials Evaluation from past experiences about risk Location of disaster prone areas Organization of communication, information and warning system Ensuring co-ordination and response mechanisms Development of public education programme Co-ordination with media National & international relations Keeping stock of foods, drug and other essential commodities.

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