Do Vasectomies Hurt

Do Vasectomies Hurt

Do Vasectomies Hurt

A vasectomy operation is a birth rate control method that is much easier and less expensive than female sterilization. There are many types of confusion in the minds of people regarding vasectomy. Let us know the benefits and side effects of vasectomy, how effective is vasectomy. Let us understand in detail the effect of vasectomy on sex life.  Do Vasectomies Hurt

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What is vasectomy ?

A vasectomy, like surgery, is a common procedure performed to control birth rates. This sterilization is usually done by doctors in the hospital or their own clinic. In men, there is a small tube in the scrotum that serves to carry sperm from the scrotum to the urethra. This tube is cut or blocked during sterilization. 

What is vasectomy ?

Due to which sperm does not come out of the man’s body during ejaculation, due to which the woman does not get pregnant after having sex. This process of vasectomy is completed in a short time and after the vasectomy one can go home on the same day. It is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

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Types of male vasectomy

There are two types of vasectomy, one is the incision method and the other is the no-scalpel method.

Sterilization without incision method reduces the risk of infection and other problems and usually gets cured in less time. Sterilization is usually permanent, so those who do not want to have children later in life or do not want more children, they get vasectomy done. Do Vasectomies Hurt

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Know how a vasectomy is done

Vasectomy is a very simple procedure and does not require anesthesia. Some men have a mild nervousness before a vasectomy, so in some cases they are given sleeping medicine. Do Vasectomies Hurt

Know how a vasectomy is done

  • First of all the area around the scrotum is thoroughly cleaned.
  • The sperm duct tube attached to each scrotum is then explored.
  • When the vas deferens tube is detected, it is then numbed.
  • After this, the doctor makes one or two incisions on the tissues of the scrotum.
  • After the incision is made, the sperm duct tube becomes visible which is gently pulled out.
  • When the sperm duct tube is visible, the doctor has two options for the patient before sterilization. The first is to cut each spermatic cord in half. Do Vasectomies Hurt
  • Second normally it should be turned off.
  • Usually instead of cutting the spermatic cord, it is closed so that the sperm cannot pass through.
  • After cutting or blocking the spermatic cord, its front end is sealed. Do Vasectomies Hurt

A vasectomy takes about 20 to 30 minutes and takes a few weeks to heal.

Benefits of male sterilization

Male sterilization is much easier and less expensive than female sterilization. Couples who do not want to have children in future can get sterilization done after talking to the doctor. It is very effective in preventing a woman from getting pregnant.  Also Read :- what-are-the-chances-of-getting-pregnant-from-precum

Benefits of male sterilization

Let us know what are the benefits of having a vasectomy-

  • Vasectomy is a permanent, effective and convenient way to curb birth rates.
  • It improves sex life and removes the worry of getting pregnant during sex.
  • It has no effect on the sexual ability and sexual function of men after sterilization.

Side effects of vasectomy

Male sterilization is usually done to prevent the sperm from ejaculating in the woman’s vagina during sex and to prevent her from becoming pregnant. But after sterilization men may have to face some problems.

  • The biggest disadvantage of a vasectomy is that it does not help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Sterilization is a permanent way of not having a child, so if you want to have a child again in the future, you will have no choice. Do Vasectomies Hurt
  • Men may face some problems after having a vasectomy. Swelling, bruising and bleeding can occur in the scrotum. Do Vasectomies Hurt
  • Blood can come in the semen during sex and men can also get infection.
  • Fluid begins to form in the scrotum of the male. It can also cause severe pain.
  • Even after sterilization, a man may have to use a condom during sex to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Do Vasectomies Hurt

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How effective is vasectomy

Vasectomy is 100 percent effective in preventing a woman from becoming pregnant. It is very effective method for men to control the birth of children. However, vasectomy is not effective immediately. It is not advisable to have unprotected sex immediately after sterilization as it takes at least three months for the sperm already present inside to come out completely.  Do Vasectomies Hurt

A few days after the vasectomy, the doctor will test the man’s semen and tell when it will be safe to have sex. To get a semen test done, a man has to masturbation and give a sample of semen. After this, the doctor tests whether sperm is present in the semen or not. Do Vasectomies Hurt

Effect of vasectomy on sex life

There is no effect on the normal functions of their body after vasectomy. Even after sterilization, the production of testosterone and semen in the body of men is the same as before, but the semen no longer contains the sperm of the male and the male has the same stimulation to have sex as before.

After sterilization, there is no effect on the desire of men to have sex and the hormones produced in the body. Its only effect is that a woman can never get pregnant after having sex.

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