Environmental Pollution PPT

Environmental Pollution PPT

Environmental Pollution PPT

Pollution :- Pollution is the accumulation of harmful, life-destroying, toxic substances in the human environment.

Such as – water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution etc.

Pollutants – The substances which cause pollution are called pollutants.

For example, based on the nature of pollutants like gases, dust, smoke, acid uranium, noise, organic matter etc. have been divided into two classes. Environmental Pollution PPT

Non-degradable Pollutants – These pollutants cannot be decomposed by micro-organisms.

For example, glass, plastic, radioactive substances, mercury, smog gases etc. Environmental Pollution PPT

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Biodegradable Pollutants – These types of pollutants are decomposed by micro-organisms. But they also cause problems if they accumulate in excess.

For example, domestic sewage, cloth, paper, wood etc.

Major Effects of Pollutants

1- Loss of sources of useful substances.
2- Destruction of natural beauty. Environmental Pollution PPT
3- Decreased working capacity of organisms.
4- The occurrence of natural calamities.
5- Adverse effects on human health.
6- Increase in death rate. Environmental Pollution PPT
7- Being unsafe of living beings.

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Types of pollution

There are five types of pollution:

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Noise Pollution Environmental Pollution PPT
  4. Land Pollution
  5. Radio Active Pollution Environmental Pollution PPT

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

The accumulation of harmful pollutants in the air is called air pollution.

Overpopulation, vehicles, unbalanced industrialization are the main reasons for this.

Air pollutants are the following gases – CO2, CO, SO2, Cl2 etc. Environmental Pollution PPT

Particulate pollutants – dust, smoke, fumes (from chemical reactions), haze etc. Environmental Pollution PPT

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Major Sources Of Air Pollutants

1- Combustion
2- Industrial emissions
3- Social Activities Environmental Pollution PPT
4- Personal Habits
5- Environmental Radiation Environmental Pollution PPT

Disadvantages of Air Pollution:

1- Sauce related diseases
2- Burning in the eyes Environmental Pollution PPT
3- Decrease in plant growth and age
4- TB, cancer etc. diseases
5- Effect on soil pH Environmental Pollution PPT

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Control Of Air Pollution Emissions

Following measures are taken to control air pollution –

  1. Use of filters etc. in industrial plants.
  2. To set up factories away from densely populated areas.
  3. Using cow dung gas plant in villages.
  4. Letting the garbage rot in the compost pit.
  5. Use of lead-free petrol.
  6. Planting trees around the cities.

Water pollution.

The accumulation of harmful substances in the aquatic environment like river, pond, lake etc. is called water pollution.

Water pollution.

Major sources of Water Pollution

1- Household Detergents – In this, different types of soap reach the river and ponds from the drains of the houses like surf, vim, phenyl etc. Due to this there is also the problem of eutrophication (more organic matter in the pond and less water).

2- Agricultural Pollutants – Weeds, insecticides, pesticides etc. are biochemical pollutants. Environmental Pollution PPT

3- Industrial Chemicals – Acid, alkali, coal, phenol, mercury, zinc, caustic soda etc.

4- Mixing of fuels in water – coal, diesel, petrol, oil etc. Environmental Pollution PPT

5- Radioactive substances – are produced by nuclear explosion and radiation from nuclear energy process. For example, in uranium, thorium etc.

6- In water purification – Excess of chemicals that purify water also cause water pollution.

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Main effects of water pollution

1- Lack of oxygen in aquatic animals.
2- Damage to crops due to irrigation with polluted water. Environmental Pollution PPT
3- Water polluted diseases can cause diseases like jaundice, hepatitis, diarrhea etc.
4- There may be diseases related to heart, lungs, kidney, brain etc.
5- The natural balance is disturbed. Environmental Pollution PPT

Measures to prevent water pollution

1- Proper arrangement for the disposal of excreta and urine waste.
2- Arrangement for disposal of pollutants coming out of industries.
3- Use of proper chemicals to make the water germ-free.
4- Burying dead organisms in pits.
5- Sewer arrangement.
6- Arrangement of minimum chemicals in agriculture.
7- Deepening of radioactive substances.
8- Control over the river, bathing around the pond, washing clothes etc.

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Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution

The accumulation of harmful toxic substances in the soil is called soil pollution. With increasing population, the threat of land pollution has increased.

Main sources of soil pollution

  1. Trash
  2. sewage
  3. Household detergents – like surf, soap etc.
  4. Industrial pigments.
  5. Radioactive substances released from nuclear explosion.
  6.  Pesticides like D.D.T. use of gamexin etc.
  7. Filling of garbage while making compost manure.

Control of Soil Pollution:

1- Dispose of garbage properly.
2- Reduce the use of pesticides.
3- Proper disposal of inorganic waste.
4- Deepening of radioactive substances.
5- Proper discharge of sewage etc.

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution
All Image Credit By Pexels.com

Unpleasant sound is called noise. The sound of more than 75 decivals is harmful to the living beings.

Noise pollution is caused by loudspeakers, noises, sirens, machines etc.

The following are the effects of noise pollution 

1- Deafness
2- insomnia
3- Increased blood pressure
4- Rapid heartbeat
5- nerve disease
6- Madness etc.

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Control :

1- Use of silencers in generators, vehicles etc.
2- Use of sound absorbing materials.
3- To plant trees.
4- Enactment of noise control laws.

Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive Pollution

A nuclear explosion releases particles A, B, Y, which cause radioactive pollution. Like O235, Th232, Cs137 etc.

Radioactive pollution can occur in air, water and soil. Radioactive pollutants reach humans through the food chain and affect their genes. The resulting change in living organisms is called mutation. The body’s immunity decreases and disorders arise in the nervous system. Radioactive materials must be buried very deeply.

Effects of Radioactive Pollution

  • The Diseases include blood in cough.
  • Ulcer.
  • Swelling of bone joints.
  • Cancer.
  • Lung Cancer. Skin Cancer. Bone Cancer. Eye Problems.

How to Prevent of Radioactive Pollution

  • Avoid Constructing
  • Nuclear Power Plants.

Avoid Using Nuclear Weapon.

  • Have Proper Treatment for Nuclear Waste.
  • Avoid mining for Uranium to a minimum.

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