Essay on child Labour

Essay on child Labour

Essay on child Labour

Essay on child Labour

In our country, it is common to see young children on the sidewalk, at traffic signals, at bus stops, and even in front of giant stellar shops selling goods. Many of these children are barely 9 years of age. The situation becomes more uncomfortable when you have your child.

What answer would you give to your inquisitive children as to why a child of the same age on the street has become a salesman? And, how many young children will be forced to work in roads, hotels and various industries? They believe that money is everything in life. They are on the way to become thieves and criminals. Therefore, child labor has become a source of all evils in the society.

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When humans began to settle as a society, their primary occupation was agriculture and trade. Among peasants, artisans, and merchants, it was typical to train children in their occupations. This was a practice when our society was not given much importance. Problems arose when some children had access to education, and ignorance or poverty of others. This inequality deepened after industrialization. Since children were easy to control and they could be paid less. Essay on child Labour

With the increasing number of industries, the demand for labor increased, so more poor families sent their children to work. In addition to pay discrimination, children were allowed to work in other small mines where adults could not go. Such atrocities led to protests against child labor in Europe and America at the end of the 17th century. In addition, accidents like the Great Depression drastically reduced labor demand. In this period, societies began to support the abolition of child labor. Essay on child Labour


Child labor is a global issue

According to the International Labor Organization’s 2018 data, there are 152 million child workers worldwide. It is a global issue and not a separate problem of any particular nation. However, child labor is more prevalent in the developing (countries which are still developing) and underdeveloped (countries which are not yet developed) countries. Essay on child Labour

As the developed world first faced the outbreak of social evil, they enacted stricter laws and created greater awareness in their society. But the impact of industrialization was felt late in poor countries. In the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia and Africa, more than 10 percent of the workforce is children. Essay on child Labour

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These areas are affected by poverty, war and illiteracy. Battling extreme poverty and starvation, children are forced to leave their schools and earn money to eat. They work hard in factories, mines, farms and cheap hotels. Sometimes, they are exposed to harmful environmental conditions that affect their health. Their mentality is unduly influenced. Some are very polite, and some are very angry. They take out their feelings harshly by committing suicide, theft and murder. Thus, child labor is one of the basic problems leading to serious consequences and detrimental to development. 


Child Labor in Indian Context

According to 2016 IALO (International Labor Organization) data, 23.8 million children work as laborers in India. Although we have laws governing the rights of children, they are not enforced forcefully. Moreover, crimes are very organized, and fighting is not easy for the common man. At places, children from economically backward classes are also employed as domestic help.

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On the other hand, we have a child rights champion – Kailash Satyarthi, who rescued over 88,000 bonded and trafficked children among us. He led the global march against child labor, which visited 103 countries to raise awareness on the issue of child trafficking and forced labor.  Essay on child Labour

Measures to curb child labor

In our country, employing children under 14 years of age is strictly prohibited in all occupations and processes. The United Nations continuously works to create social awareness and tries to change the mindset of the people so that they do not indulge in such heinous acts. To prevent child labor in our country, free education and mid-day meal schemes were introduced in primary schools.  Essay on child Labour

But often its facilities in government schools are very poor and food is not provided regularly. Children feel ill after lunch in schools. It is a big time that government administration works effectively. So that the indifference and fear of government schools can be pacified. Essay on child Labour

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It is worth noting that the elimination of child labor in all its forms by 2025 is one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations. World Labor Day is observed on 1 May every year by the International Labor Organization to review efforts and stay focused on its goal. On this day, important guidelines are given to deal with the problem and the need.

Collective responsibility of all citizens

It is said that children are the future of a society. Children are our greatest asset, and they are the people and these children will decide the prosperity and development of the nation. We should give them moral values ​​and education. We need to understand that nothing is permanent and that our good works are indicators of living a life. But some sections of our society exploit them, and most of us are helpless and set bad examples for our children. Essay on child Labour

We should stop shopping from children on roads and public transport, and never allow children to work as domestic help. We should educate children that child labor is a misconduct to ruin humanity. These are the least things that every person can do. Everyone should support orphanages and take initiatives like Teach for India.

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