Full Form Of CA

Full Form Of CA

Full Form Of CA

What is CA ?

The job of a CA is to prepare financial accounts, provide financial advice, analyze audit accounts and tax related work.  In CA, you can make a good career by doing a job in Banking, Tax and Accountant. 


What is CA ?

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What is the work of CA?

The main function of a CA in a firm or company is to provide professional advice related to finance.  CA is expert in the field of finance and business.  Some of the important tasks performed by a CA in a company are detailed below- 


  • In a firm, CA keeps an eye on a financial statement. And also analyzes the risk.
  • Preparation and creation of Accounting Statement is also done by CA itself.
  • Along with this, a CA gives important financial advice in the company in tax planning, business transaction, insolvency, merger and joint venture.  Full Form Of CA

What is a salary of CA?

How much a CA’s salary will be, it depends on his qualification, ability to work, and his experience.  The salary of a Chartered Accountant in India lives between about 6 lakhs to 30 lakhs. If we talk about the international level, then this figure goes above about 75 lakhs.  Full Form Of CA

What is a salary of CA?

In the last year campus placements conducted by ICAI, each CA was offered a monthly salary of 7.3 lakhs.

However, many students started their independent practice after working in a company for 2 to 3 years. And if one of these is capable, then there is no limit to how well he can grow. Full Form Of CA

Full Form Of CA 

The full form of CA is “Charted Accountant”. CA is a professional course, and in this course you are taught about accounting.

CA is a prestigious profession in India, in fact the main function of a CA is to manage the accounting work of the company i.e. to see the accounts.

The work of a chartered account is to give financial advice related to all the work related to the financial sector in the company such as preparation of balance sheet, tax return, as well as business account of the company, tax etc. engineer is considered an honorable post in India. In the same way, the post of a chartered account is also given a lot of respect, so lakhs of youth of the country every year wish to study diligently to prepare for CA,  Full Form Of CA

Because nowadays all companies, whether it is a private firm, public sector company or a government company, all need a skilled financial accountant. Full Form Of CA

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What is qualification of CA?

  • After 10th class students can register for CPT. However, they are eligible to take the CPT exam only after passing class 12th.
  • Students of Arts, Science and Commerce streams in class 12th are also eligible to register for CPT  Course.
  • To do CA course, you must have passed 12th commerce. If you are not from commerce then you have to pass with 55% marks.
What is qualification of CA?
  • For CA course, you need to pass in 12th class with 50% marks.
  • If you have done graduation, then you must have 60% degree.
  • To apply for IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course) candidates must have secured at least 100 marks out of 200 in CPT.

How many years is the CA course?

The minimum duration of Chartered Accountancy course is 4.5 years after class X (i.e. for persons joining through CPT route). The minimum duration of Chartered Accountancy course for a person joining Graduation (i.e. through Direct Entry Scheme) is 3 years.


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