Full Form Of PDF

Full Form Of PDF

Full Form Of PDF

In this post, we will know today what is the full form of PDF. Friends, you must have heard the name of the PDF too many times, but have you ever found out what is the full form of the PDF. Friends, just telling the full form of PDF will not be enough So in this post I will show you what is a PDF with PDF full form, who created a PDF, how can we create a PDF file, 


Full Form Of PDF 

PDF full form is Portable Document Format . This is a kind of document file if we talk about PDF under which files like Text Massage, Image, Hyperlinks, Embedded Fonts, Video etc. can be easily protected. And it can also be read for a long time.

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PDF is created by Acrobat Company. PDF files can be created with the help of Adobe Acrobat software and can be easily read with the help of Adobe Reader software. In addition to the present time, there are many such software, with the help of which PDF files can be created and read, it is mainly used to provide data access. Full Form Of PDF

What is PDF ?

Portable Document Format, as its name suggests, is a type of file format.  In which all elements of a printed document are stored as electronic (digital) images. Such as text, image, hyperlinks etc.  It has an extension of .pdf.  Full Form Of PDF

Nowadays, the use of computers and Internet in the world has increased a lot. And with this, everything is being digitized. At such times the document which includes text as well as image can be protected digitally with the help of pdf. 

If we go out somewhere, moving a lot of documents together is not an easy task and even if we have to send a lot of images to someone, it would be a waste of time to send one image. In such times pdf proves to be very helpful in which all documents and images can be easily taken anywhere by converting them digitally together. Anyone can be transferred with the help of internet, bluetooth, etc.  Full Form Of PDF

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The most important thing from the security point of view is that the pdf file can be secured with the help of pasword. So that no one can see and read your documents . Full Form Of PDF


History Of PDF

Pdf was first created in 1990. It was created by the adobe system. It was created by a research and developement team called Camelot, which was coached by adobe co-founder John Warnock. But till then it was adobe’s property but later in 2008 adobe made it public. Freed the royalty from the unfounded. And since it has become everyone’s favorite file format.. And today the most commonly used file format.  In 1990, pdf was created to share documents containing images, text, links, etc. with computer networks that do not have the same software. Full Form Of PDF


How to read PDF file ?

If you have a phone or computer, you can easily read the pdf file and know what is written in it.  Nowadays smartphones already have a PDF reader, if you are still unable to open the PDF file, then search by writing a PDF reader in the Play Store, many applications will be visible to you so that the PDF file can be read.  

If you want to read PDF files in your computer or laptop, then a popular software for this is Adobe Reader. This software was also created by the same company that produced the PDF. Full Form Of PDF

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How to make pdf file by mobile?

Although a PDF file can be easily created by a computer, it is not an easy task to take the computer everywhere. PDFs can also be created online, but in that you have to upload the document to a server that is not necessarily secure.  Full Form Of PDF

So today we are telling you how to create PDF via mobile. Although many types of applications already come in smartphones nowadays to create PDF through mobile, but if your smartphone does not have this application. So you can download it through your mobile’s play store. We will ask you to download the Develop application by Adobe. Full Form Of PDF

How to Read PDF in Computer?

The PDF file can be easily read with the help of computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. In computers and laptops, adobe can be read easily with the help of adobe reader, a software developed by the company. This software is easily found on the Internet. The pdf can be read by downloading it to your computer.

Nowadays already applications come in smartphone to read pdf. But if you do not have this application, you can download it by going to the playstore of your mobile. So that the pdf can be read. Full Form Of PDF

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How to make pdf file?

Pdf can be made in many ways.

  • By adobe photoshop
  • Via MS Word

You can create a pdf file by following the following steps in Adobe photoshop and MS Word.

  1. First of all, the document or image you need to convert to pdf. Open it in adobe photoshop or MS Word.
  2. After opening, click on the file menu option given above.
  3. After that you will have to click on save as one of the many options that open.
  4. After this, you will be given some options. Of which, you have to save the document by clicking on * pdf. And this is how your document is converted to pdf.
  5. Apart from this, a file can also be converted to PDF online on google. In which you have to upload your documnet to the server. And then he converts it to pdf and gives it to you. Which you can download and use.

Benefits of PDF 

There are many benefits of PDF in the world of technology, which is as follows – 


Primarily, the portable document format was developed because it facilitates mobility and portability.  And you can easily read PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader like Free of Cast software.


If you have used a particular font in a PDF file and want to display it in the same font wherever you are sending it, then the font has to be embed in the PDF file so that it will also see the same font.


It is an easy and secure way to share any document file via email. Through this, users can also adjust the level of access according to their own.


Interactive forms can also be integrated into any PDF file which can be exported or saved in the data base by inputting the data as per the request. 


By this, you can easily reduce or compress its size without making any Data Loss & Quality Loss in the PDF file, because the size of the file or file can be sharpened by decreasing the size of the file.


Problems in PDF

If we talk about the PDF format, then there are some problems in it, which are as follows –

  1. If you convert any document to PDF, then you cannot make any changes in that document.
  2. No type of edit can be done in PDF file.
  3. Text written in PDF file cannot be copied.

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