Full Form Of Phone

Full Form Of Phone

Full  Form Of Phone

  • P’s  meaning :-  Personal  
  • H’s meaning  :- Handset
  • O’s  meaning :-  Over
  • N’s meaning :-  Network
  • E’s meaning :- Equiment 
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Full Form Of Phone Mobile is called a telephone machine in Hindi. With mobile phones, we can do many things easily. As we talk to each other, we can also see the time in mobile, You can also use a calculator in mobile, Apart from this, we can send SMS, e-mail or any file related to office through mobile, or we can do more work, Some people feel the habit of mobile so much that if the mobile is removed for some time, then it seems that everything has disappeared from them.   

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Discovery Of Mobile

The first mobile phone in the world was launched by Martin Cooper. Martin worked at the Motorola company at the time And because of this discovery, he brought a revolution in the communication field, Today’s time are getting more than one updated technology mobile phone. Whose weight is very less. But when the first mobile phone came among us, the weight of that mobile phone was about 2KG. Full Form Of Phone

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What is Mobile 

We know mobile phones by many names, such as mobile phones, we are also called cell phones, cellular phones and wireless phones. Through this device, we can talk to each other easily. In other words, it is called a long-distance electronic device. It is used for communication of sound waves. Full Form Of Phone

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In today’s modern era, mobile usage is becoming very high, and now mobile phones are not only used for talking, but mobile phones are used for messaging, message, email, Internet etc. to use in online works, And along with Bluetooth, video record, gaming audio record, we also use mobile phone for taking pictures, MP3 player, FM and GPS. Full Form Of Phone


How does a mobile phone work

  • According to an estimate, by 2019, there will be about 4.8 billion mobile users. Today everyone understands the importance of mobile phones. It can make us talk to any person in any corner of the world, but have you tried to know how your cell phone works.
  • Simply put, a mobile phone is a two -way radio. In which there is one transmitter and the other receiver radio. When you are doing with your friend, it converts your voice into electrical signal.
  • After which it is transmitted to the nearest cell tower in the form of radio waves. Now the network of that cell tower sends radio wave to your friend’s cell phone.
  • The electrical signal is converted to sound. The mobile phone is based on the walkie-talkie. But it develops from that. In which the main job is to call and receive, but apart from this, it also has separate internet, multimedia and camera.
  • Smartphone has been developed now that a computer that can work, even a smartphone can do almost all the work, except just a few tasks.


Ratio Waves

Mobile phones use radio waves to communicate. What we talk about transmits the sounds as radio waves electric and magnetic field, which we call electromagnetic field. Radio waves carry all the data with the speed of light. The radio wave emanating from the mobile propagates in every direction and whatever things are found in the middle reaching the tower, they also absorb or reflect the radio wave. Full Form Of Phone

When we are talking by putting the mobile in our ear, the radio waves emf continuously spreads there. Half the radio waves also go inside our body and head, thus most emf is wasted. Some mobile phones have only one antenna which does both transmit and receive functions alone and some mobile phones have separate antenna for three.


Advantages and disadvantages of mobile

In today’s time, mobile phones have a great importance in our daily lives. Today, mobile phones are being used more and more by people. Everyone is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.


Advantages Of Mobile

  • You can easily contact anyone at any time through a mobile phone, then why should that person not be anywhere in the world. Even if you find this thing easy, but you should consider that 10 years ago no one could have imagined that such a change will happen in our life with a mobile phone. Full Form Of Phone
  • With a mobile phone, you can carry a lot of data with you anywhere such as eBooks, photos, songs, videos and document papers etc. You will always be with you where your mobile phone is with you.
    If you need a camera, this work will also be done from your mobile phone, and you can record photos and videos from your mobile phone.
  • You can call your family or friends through a mobile phone at the time of any accidental accident or need, as well as reach the police and hospital.
  • In the mobile phone, it is easy to find information related to anything at any time through the Internet.

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Disadvantages of mobile

  • With the introduction of a lot of features in mobile phones, the cost of our internet and calls has also increased.
  • Nowadays youths are always addicted to Facebook and WhatsApp chatting due to mobile phones. It is not good for their future. Full Form Of Phone
  • The mobile phone caters to many of our needs, but many people spend more than their budget in it.
  • People are not able to give time to talk to each other even at home, and the trend of using the phone in free time is becoming more and more. Full Form Of Phone
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Full Form Of Phone

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