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What Is G Spot ?

A study published in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” verifies the anatomical existence of the G-spot. Until now, it was never proven whether the G-spot actually exists, even though women have been talking about a swelling or sensation in the upper, inner part of the vagina during sexual arousal for centuries.

The G-spot was first discovered in the 1950s and described by Dr. Erst Graffenberg as a “specific erotogenic zone” on the upper lining of the vagina along with the urethra, which is activated by sexual stimulation. But Dr. Bevy Whipple named this spot the G-spot after Dr. Graffenberg.

The G-spot is actually a small area inside the vagina. It is located two inches or a little more inside the vagina on the top side of your abdomen. The G-spot is sexually sensitive and swells slightly during stimulation and feels slightly raised to the touch.

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You may be surprised to learn that the G-spot is not actually a single point or spot.  many people do not realize is that the G-spot is not a fixed location and does not occur in the same place in every woman’s vagina. The G-spot is actually an area of ​​the urethral sponge and clitoris that produces a wonderful sensation when stimulated.

Although all women have this tissue, some women like to stimulate their G-spot and others don’t. Many women do not feel any difference in sensation this way or another. Many women get orgasm from this and about 10 percent of women ejaculate when their G-spot is stimulated.

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Where is g spot located ?

The G spot is about two to three inches inside the vagina. If you want to find it yourself, the angle it makes makes it very difficult to find the G-spot at this location with the help of your fingers.

If you want to find your G-spot with your fingers, just place your hand on your stomach and then slide the palm down towards your vagina, now go down from your palm to the vagina. Then take 1 or 2 fingers in your vagina with a light massage and when the fingers go 2-3 inches deep inside you, bend them upwards and touch them upwards in the vagina. Chances are you’ll be able to feel your G spot on your fingers.

Where is g spot located ?

Many women find that they can’t find their G spot, so it’s because you need to get excited first to find it. If you’re not fully aroused, you’ll have a hard time finding your G spot or taking any pleasure out of it.

For example, if your gynecologist presses or massages your G-spot area during the test, you won’t feel much because you’re not stimulated. This means that if you’re having trouble finding your G spot, make sure to get a whole lot of excitement first if you’re alone and if you’re with your partner, make sure to get plenty first. Do foreplay. That way you’ll be excited enough to find it easily.

But if you are excited and your partner touches your G-spot, you will feel incredibly pleasant. The easiest way to find the G-spot is through an aroused partner. If you are lying on your back, your partner may be able to locate the G-spot by inserting a finger into your vagina. Tell him that he is trying to touch your belly button from inside the vagina, insert your finger in that way.

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Some male partners report that they do not feel any difference in the tissue inside their female partner’s vagina with their fingers. So the advice for them is to ask your female partner, your female partner can tell you about a pleasant sensational feeling when you put a finger in the right area.

However, she may also say that she feels the need to urinate – this means that you put your finger in the right place but your timing is wrong. She will need a lot of stimulation again for her body to feel the same pleasurable sexual touch again, so start again with foreplay.

Assuming you have followed all the tips mentioned above so far and even used some masturbation techniques to get the crazy sensations, still your g spot is not getting it. So there is nothing to worry about, we will also tell you the reason for this.

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Inside the vagina of women, at the end of the urethra is the paraurethral gland or scenose gland, whose size varies greatly from woman to woman. If this gland in your vagina is small, your G spot will never be sensitive or very aroused, even if you yourself are overstimulated, which makes it impossible to orgasm.

But don’t worry, many women who can’t find their G spot are enjoying sex life to the fullest without it, because there are many other ways to get an orgasm. Clitoral stimulation, masturbation and your own vaginal finger can lead to sexual gratification, plus there are many sex toys that can give you complete pleasure. 

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How to stimulate g spot ?

The best way to discover this mysterious place is to work with your partner to excite it. If you’ve followed all of the tips above and figured out how to find the G-spot, it’s time to enjoy that’s to come.

Here we are briefly telling you about the best techniques that you can use to stimulate your G spot yourself and also talk about some of the best sex positions to stimulate your G spot. .

When you are thinking about the G-spot, there are definitely certain things that you and your partner should follow. If you are a man then first of all make sure that you and your female partner share the same view of their G-spot as you.

How to stimulate g spot ?

Don’t just think that she will like it, but talk to her openly about it. In some women, the G-spot can increase the sensation of urinating and this can make them very uncomfortable during sex, so some women do not like it.

If you are or have been attempting to do this with your fingers, make sure your nails are clean and short. Because vaginal tissue is very sensitive. It’s also important that men seek feedback from their female partner, especially if you’re exploring her G-spot for the first time. It may take some time for your partner to enjoy it so don’t put any kind of pressure on them.

Also note that some women may not like G-spot stimulation. The best way to stimulate the G-spot is to do something that pleases your female partner. But understand that you need to do some homework to know what are the ways that can give him extreme pleasure.

See, any girl will tell you that the best way to stimulate the G-spot is to gently and delicately. Especially if she is experiencing this for the first time and she doesn’t know how to guide you so that she can feel good.

slow yourself down – if you hit his g spot directly with your penis then to be honest it might be too much, you might have to pull it back out, so you have to do that with your fingers first May need to go to the area.

You can use your other hand to stimulate his clitoris, while rubbing and massaging his G-spot with one hand. But once your partner is comfortable, you can comfortably start your action back.

If you want to enjoy it alone, the best technique is to hook up using just your hands. To do this, lie on your back and place your hand on your stomach and bring it down towards your vagina, as you did to find this mysterious place.

When your hand reaches the vagina, insert your middle and ring fingers into the vagina, at which time your index (index) and pinky (junior) fingers should be pointing out towards the bed. Now, you have to find your G spot with the tip of your fingers and start massaging gently with the hand just in the position of the hook.

There are many ways to massage and stimulate your G spot using this hook technique like –

• First, you can press your G Spot repeatedly with your finger as if you were pressing a button. Make sure you know how much pressure you are applying. Light pressure may be enough for some women, while others require more pressure. Pressing like this can be quite pleasant.

• Second, using your middle and ring fingers to make a “come here” motion will move the knuckles of your fingers back and forth on your G-spot, which will give you a lot of excitement.

Sex positions to stimulate the G-Spot

Sex positions to stimulate the G-Spot

The key, if you are hoping to experience G spot stimulation during sexual intercourse with your partner, is the right angle and depth of penetration. Your partner should only penetrate 2-3 inches to ejaculate you. There are some sex poses that are best suited, they bring the partner’s penis more in contact with the G-spot than other poses.

Cow girl pose

Ask your partner to lie on his back, now you are on top of him. This position gives you complete control over the tempo, depth and angle of entry so you can focus on finding your G-spot. Instead of going up and down, try going back and forth to stimulate your G spot area. Combining these two methods can also help, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different speeds and angles.

Doggy style

Doggy style is another great way to gain deeper penetration during sex. In this it is very easy to change the angle to hit your G spot. Your partner will follow you and stay on their hands and knees. During the entry, try leaning on your hands or pushing your hips backward to change the angle until you find the position that works best for you. If you want, you can try to make a break by lying on your stomach with your legs hanging off the edge of the bed, allowing your partner to stand behind you and enter.

Closed Missionary Position

This position gives more stimulation without the depth of penetration. You start by lying on your back in a missionary position before taking your feet together. Then, your partner places his or her feet between your legs, to create good pressure.  While this shallow penetration, it gives a firmer feeling and increases friction on your G-spot, which may be a better way to help you reach orgasm.

G spot position

As the name suggests, the G spot position is all about your partner stimulating your G spot with each blow. Lie on your back and ask your partner to enter between your legs. Tell him to lean back slightly and use only shallow strokes.

Launch pad position

This position is great because it gives you a lot of control. You can rest your feet on your partner’s chest, so that you can control how deeply he penetrates his penis. If you’re having trouble getting enough G spot stimulation, it’s usually because your partner is leaning forward too much.

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