GIF Full Form

GIF Full Form

GIF Full Form

GIF is also a type of image, but it is not like a normal image, I mean the image you usually see is still, there does not appear to be any movement in it. GIF is an image in which you can clearly see the movement.

When more than one image is combined to make a GIF, then a GIF is created. GIF works like a video and is created for only a few seconds  Nowadays people will be seen using GIF on WhatsApp, it is also used aloud in the comments on Facebook. With GIF, we can easily express our mind, perhaps this is the reason why it is liked so much.  GIF Full Form


GIF Full Form

The full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format.  If understood in simpler words, then all those images whose graphics are seen moving are kept in GIF format only.

If we talk about the old times, flash files were used to bring animation to the image, but the problem was that not all browsers could support flash files and that space looked empty.  GIF Full Form

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To fix this problem, CapuServe created the GIF format in 1987, which we still use to animate images today.  GIF images are compressed with the help of Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) technology, this technique has the advantage that it reduces the file size but does not make any difference in the quality of the image.

8 bit format is used to create GIF image which supports 256 colors. You cannot make a new color by mixing these colors.  GIF Full Form

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Nowadays, if you see the most use of GIF, it is used only on the internet such as in the form of meme and it is also used to display some important information on the user’s screen. GIF Full Form

Some websites also use GIF images to enhance the design of their own website. Graphics Interchange Format is a type of image making software from which this image is made, although there are many websites online from where you can make them yourself. GIF Full Form

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Many apps have also been made for mobile users, with the help of which they can be made.

What is the purpose of GIF?

If you want to make an image series then GIF can be a good option. Because with this you can combine many images together and create an animated image.  GIF Full Form

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What is the purpose of GIF?

You do not need any plugin to display GIF files in the browser.

Nowadays, almost all browsers support GIF files, meaning you can definitely use it in your website as well. Without thinking whether the visitors coming to your website will see it or not.

The size of GIF files is much less than Flash files, so it has gained so much popularity on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. GIF Full Form

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The technique with which GIF is made does not affect the image quality at all, it is prepared in a way with Lossless Compression technology. GIF Full Form

How do you send a GIF?

  • You can send a GIF in a chat or group chat.
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Open a chat or group chat.
  • Tap Stickers > GIF.
  • then you:
    You can find GIF by tapping on Search.
    You can see recently used GIFs by tapping on Recent.
    You can view your favorite or star GIFs by tapping on Favorites.
  • Tap the GIF you want to send.
  • Tap Send.

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Add GIF to Favorites

You can add GIFs to your favorites so you’ll have them right away when you need them.

  • To add a GIF to Favorites, tap and hold on it, then tap Put a star. GIF Full Form
  • To add a GIF to Favorites from the GIF menu, tap that GIF, then tap Add to Favorites.

Remove GIF from Favorites

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Tap Favorites > tap and hold GIF > tap Remove from Favorites.

Can I make my own GIF?

There are many such websites online on the Internet, on which we can upload photos or videos and make GIF.

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Step 1: – To create GIF, first go to GIF Full Form

Can I make my own GIF?

Here by clicking on choose file, select the photos that you want to make GIF.

After that Upload and make a GIE below! Go to GIF Full Form

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Step 2 :- Here you will see this menu.

Can I make my own GIF?

If you want to make any changes here, you can, otherwise Make a GIF! Click on it so that your GIF will be ready. Download it on the mobile phone by clicking on the save button.

To make GIF from video, the option of Video to GIF will be available on this website. By going to it, you can create GIF from any video.

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If you want to know about other websites for making GIF online, then you go to Google and search gif maker online, you will find many other sites there that provide this service.






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