Google Full Form

Google Full Form

Google Full Form

Guys, you’ve been using the Internet and Google for quite some time but do you know the Full Form of Google?  I know you’ve searched “Google Full Form” several times on the Internet but you didn’t get the correct answer.  In today’s time, if we want to know the meaning of a word, we Google.

In today’s time, we upload all the information  on the Internet and that information helps another person on the Internet.  In today’s time, searching on the Internet is very easy. You can search for anything you want, and you will get the right answer. But it was not so easy at first, when we searched many times, we got the right information.  Google Full Form

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And this problem has been solved by Google Search Engine. Where we get the right answers to our questions. We have been using this search engine for years, but do you know the full form of Google?

Google Full Form

Google’s full form is “Global Organization of Orientated Group Language of Earth”. Perhaps you also already know the full form of Google. By the way, I have heard many people asking for the answer to this question, and perhaps you have also got the answer to this question now.  Google Full Form

But Google does not have an official Full Form which Google uses. 

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What Is Google ?

Google is the largest web search engine in the world. A search engine is an application or tool that is based on the Internet or the web, allowing people to access information on the web quickly and easily. 

Google search engine is the most widely used in the world today so that the right information can be extracted easily from anywhere on the Internet. is the most visited website in the whole world.

Today, Google has become a multinational company. And, beyond the search engine, many other types of products or marketing are very popular.  Google Full Form

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What Is Google ?


For example, Google cloud computing services, Google play store, email services via Gmail, Google Adword, Adsense, online advertising services by AdMob, various computer applications, mobile applications and Android operating systems that most of us use. That is also provided by Google.

Google has launched a new smartphone in market, showing its desire in the mobile industry. And, the name of that mobile is “Google Pixel”. Many people like Google Pixel, mobile, and yet many of its models are very famous in the market.

History Of Google 

Larry Page and Sergey Brin officially launched the Google company on Google to promote Google search. And, in a very short time, Google search has become the most used web search engine. 

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were two PhD students at “Stanford University” in California. And, together, they created a search algorithm called “BackRub”. Later, BackRub was renamed to Google.  Google Full Form

Google was launched only as a research. After many difficult situations and challenges, the research was successful and later became a Google search.  Google Full Form

While doing research, the search engine did not originally have its own domain or server. They were using it through the Stanford University website and domains.

Later, the domain name was first registered on 15 September 1997.

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What is the purpose of Google?

As I mentioned above in this regard. In fact, at first, Google was a web search engine, whose purpose was to provide millions of information on the Internet as easily and accurately as we needed.

And, Google is doing great for this purpose in the past as well. Today, Google is not just a search engine, it has become a “multinational company”. And, Google has many objectives beyond providing accurate information through the search engine.  Google Full Form

As you probably know, Android OS, Google chrome browser, Gmail, YouTube, Google Adsense, Google map, Google Translate and many other products or services are on Google.

In this case, Google aims to make the lives of ordinary people easier by making many digital products and services, apps, software very easy, simple and better.  Google Full Form

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Father Of Google 

The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When he did his Ph.D. I started working on Google as a research project. Then, as a result of their success, we received this Google today.

Father Of Google 

Google is a publicly traded company. And, people who bought Google shares actually owner of Google. But, Google companies have the most shares –

Larry Page – 25.5% share.
Sergey Brin – 20.5% share.
Eric Schmidt – 0.5% share

CEO Of Google 

CEO Of Google 

The CEO of Google is “Sundar Pichai”. Sundar Pichai is basically Indian only.

Google CEO Salary

Sundar Pichai’s current (2020) annual income is  2 million dollar.

Google service and product’s list :

  •  YouTube 
  • Blogger
  • Gmail
  • Chrome browser
  • Google translate 
  • Google maps
  • Google play store
  • Google music
  • Google+ 
  • Google Adsense
  • Google trend
  • Google analytics
  • Android
  • Google drive
  • Google book
  • Google news etc.

Product Of Google

Gmail: Gmail is the creation of Google. When we have to mail someone, we do not use any other product and use Gmail only.

Youtube : When we people have to watch videos, we watch videos on YouTube itself,   Tell you this product is from Google itself.  Google Full Form

Blogger: This is such a Google product, where anyone can create their own blog for free, neither you need any hosting here nor do you need a domain here, here you will get everything for free.

Adsense: This feature created by Google is also very famous in the world, only the website can benefit from this feature, Google gives a code to website users, who put the website in their website and make money.

Google+: Google + is created by Google, it is a social networking site, here you can share any text, images etc.  Google Full Form

How many languages ​​does google work

Today we have almost many languages ​​all over the world and Google always provides better services to its customers. Today, Google works in more than 125 languages ​​all over the world. Now very soon Google is starting to provide Search in local languages ​​of the user as well.  Google Full Form

What is the Benefit of Google 

Google has many benefits like if you want to find something, you can know with the help of Google search in minutes, apart from this you can see the traffic of your city or any place or route on Google map. Any information related to VIDEO, you can find out some simple steps on Youtube from home.

Today, Google is being used in many different ways, the same YOUTUBE has become the second major search in the world where USER gets information through video.  Google Full Form

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Google Company Services

Google company provides many types of service such as Web Based Service, Software Service and and Hardware Service.

Web Based Service

Google’s web based service includes gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Translator which translates many languages ​​of the world into one language.

Software Service

Android provides software services like mobile operating system, Smart watch, Television, Google Chrome browser etc.

Hardware Service.

  • In January 2010, Google launched the Nexus one android smartphone. Chromebook was launched in 2011.
  • Which was a new type of computer that worked on the Chrome operating system.
  • In 2013, Google launched a chrome cast dongle that connected smartphones to television.

Google’s Quality


The Google search engine’s homepage is very simple, a large box of search appears on it which is user-friendly due to which it is very easy to search.


Google search data is very accurate, whatever you search on Google, it shows you the data related to it.

People Connectivity

All types of products are bought and sold on Google, thus increasing connectivity among people.


There is a repository of all kinds of information on Google which is useful to solve the problem of every person.

Google for everyone

Information related to every profession of the world will be found on Google, whether it is information related to any subject or information about an engineering field, it will be easily found on Google.

Add information on Google

Anyone in the world can start their business on google, share their business with people, whether through website or advertising.

Share Information

Through Google’s product Gmail, people can share information through video, audio, PDF or any document, the information that was sent through post, now the information is reached in a few seconds.


You can access Google anywhere and anywhere and it is absolutely free. Most of the services of Google are absolutely free.

Google Full Form in this article of Google Full Form we have given you Google I have given a lot of information .








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