How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

If you are looking for ways to lose weight, then there can be no better exercise than jumping jacks. Considered to be the easiest exercise jumping jack you can easily do anywhere and the best part is you do not even need any kind of machine to do this exercise. Your whole body benefits from this easy workout. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

If you want to lose weight then cardio workout can be of use to you. This is the best exercise to lose weight. This workout is not only done for fat burning or weight loss, but with this workout you stay healthy and your heart health is also fine. Yes, cardio workouts are very beneficial for burning calories in the body.

Cardio improves blood circulation throughout the body along with the heart, which keeps your body healthy. According to experts, if you do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio exercise daily even 5 days a week, then you can get the benefits as per your wish. It also controls your weight and keeps you fit both inside and out. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

How to do jumping jacks

How to do jumping jacks

If you want to do full body workout then this can prove to be one of the better options for you. To do this, stand straight, then while jumping up, raise the hands and spread the legs, after coming down, come to the normal position. Do this exercise for 2 minutes. Then increase it one minute every day for 10 minutes daily. Jumping jacks are an aerobic cardio exercise, which helps in rapid weight loss.

It is believed that 10 minutes of jumping jacks burn 100 calories. In this sense, you burn 700 calories in a week. Actually, in this type of exercise, you not only burn calories, you lose weight, but your body is also healthy on this pretext. Let’s know what are the benefits of doing this exercise for your health. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

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Helpful in weight loss

This cardio exercise is known to help in weight loss. It helps in burning extra calories by balancing the negative energy in the body. This means that you spend more energy than the calories taken and this is the main mantra of weight loss.

Tone muscles

When the muscles are loose, the body appears hanging. But doing regular jumping jacks helps to burn fat as well as tone the muscles, which can give the right shape to your hips, thighs, shoulders and arms. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

Jumping jacks are a cardio exercise, which means you use oxygen to meet energy demands and stimulate the heart muscles. The heart has to work harder to pump enough oxygenated blood and bring back the carbon dioxide loaded blood from the cells This, in turn, helps in exercising the heart muscles and other organs such as the lungs. Therefore, this steady and slow exercise can be a good exercise to keep your heart healthy. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

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Which exercise burns calories fast?

We have some exercises for you that will get your heart rate up and help you burn those extra calories! With these weight loss exercises, you can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes.

Interval running workout

Is Running the Best Way to Burn Calories and Tone Your Body? It is suitable for all fitness levels. Run at different speeds for 30 minutes to get the most benefit. If the weather permits, you can run on the treadmill or outside in the park. Start at a comfortable pace for the first few minutes, then go really fast, as if you’re running. If you don’t like running, you can follow the same pattern with walking.

Climbing stairs

Most of us know this, but don’t. If you want to burn calories quickly, go ahead and do it! Find a ladder and go up and down with dumbbells in your hands. That way, you’ll engage multiple muscles at the same time, and burn a lot of calories.

High-intensity interval training

If you want to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, make HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training your best friend. As the name suggests, this workout will prompt you to repeat high-intensity exercises as quickly as possible to burn fat. Some experts believe that these are much more effective than cardio exercises. Plus, high-intensity interval training increases oxygen consumption, allowing you to burn calories long after you exercise! How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

Strength exercises

This workout consists of sprints between bodyweight exercises so that you burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes. Push-ups are one of the best exercises for beginners to tone their upper body. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

What are examples of high-intensity workouts?

High intensity workout is the exercise in which you put a lot of energy. Also it is done for a fixed time. These types of moves are placed within high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT.

These workouts are done on the basis of hard training, maximum capacity, little rest.

This improves the metabolic function, cardio respiratory fitness, as well as burns calories faster. Let us know about such exercises which can burn more calories by doing them at high intensity. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories




Burpee is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight. About 1.43 calories are burned from 1 rep of a properly done burpee. If you do 10 reps of a burpee, you burn about 14.3 calories. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

Burpees target every muscle in your body. Eg: Shoulders, Chest, Abdomen, Thighs, Hips and Triceps. Along with this, the heart beat also increases. It is important that you know about the right way to do it. You will benefit only by exercising in the right way. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

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Kettlebell swing

Generally people like to do this workout. It consists of a heavy ball with a handle attached to it. Swinging a kettlebell for 1 minute burns about 20 calories. That is, if you do it for 5 minutes, then you can burn 100 calories.

The kettlebell swing is a part of the CrossFit workout. By doing this, your hips, lower back, shoulder cuffs, hamstrings and quadriceps etc. muscles tone.

Jump Rope / Speed ​​Rope

How to do jumping jacks

Everyone must have done jump rope or jump rope in their childhood. Some people still do it.

Jumping rope also burns calories faster. Jumping 100-120 burns up to 12 calories. That is, jumping rope for 15-20 minutes can burn about 250-300 calories. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

These are very easy exercises to lose weight. You can do this anytime and anywhere.

It has many variations like,

  • Criss-cross
  • Alternate Movements
  • Double Jumps
  • High Knees
  • One Foot Jumps

Battle Rope

Battle Rope

Battle Rope This is a CrossFit workout. With this you can burn up to 10-12 calories in a minute. If your gym has this facility, then you can also include it in your workout plan. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories

Incorporating battle rope into your daily routine will help you lose weight fast.



Sprinting burns more calories than running. A 1-minute sprint burns about 20 calories. To lose weight, you must also include it in your plan. How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories


Fat Burn Workout Plan:

  • Burpee 50 Reps (50*1.43) = 71.5 Calories
  • Kettlebell Swing 5 Minutes = 100 Calories
  • Jump Rope 15 Minutes = 200-250 Calories How many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories
  • Battle Rope 5 Minutes = 50-60 Calories
  • 10 minutes of sprinting = 150-200 calories

If you also follow this plan then you can easily burn around 500-700 calories.

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