How to tighten vaginal walls

How to tighten vaginal walls

How to tighten vaginal walls

How to tighten vaginal walls

Vaginal looseness is a common problem of women, which arises due to stretching of the vaginal muscles. Women who do not have a tight vagina, they always think that our vagina can be tight? Especially young girls keep searching for Ayurvedic remedies and ways to tighten the vagina. They believe that due to the looseness of the vagina, they do not get pleasure  while making a relationship. Which is in tight vagina. But you do not need to panic because there are Ayurvedic medicines and remedies to tighten the vagina. How to tighten vaginal walls

What can be used to tighten the Virgina?

Vagina can be tightened with the help of alum

Do you know that vaginal tightness can be brought back through alum? First you take water in a vessel and then put alum in it. After that heat it on the stove. After boiling well, keep it to cool down. Then apply this water around your vagina. After applying water, leave it as it is for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it clean with a clean cloth or cotton. Doing this regularly for a few weeks brings back the tightness in the vagina. How to tighten vaginal walls

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Betel leaf tightens the vagina

It is said that betel leaves play a big role in tightening the vagina. If you also want to rejuvenate and tighten your vagina, then you can use betel leaves. First of all, you have to boil 5-10 betel leaves in about half a liter of water on the stove. When it boils well, soak cotton or any clean cloth in that water and keep it in your vagina for 10-15 minutes. By doing this continuously for a week, the vagina becomes tight.  How to tighten vaginal walls

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Cannabis powder tightens the vagina

While on the one hand people bring darkness in their life by taking cannabis intoxicant, on the other hand, women bring light of happiness in their lives by tightening the vagina by using it properly. To use it, grind hemp and prepare its powder and tie it in a cloth bundle. Then, before going to bed every night for a few weeks, keep this bundle dipped in lukewarm water, when it absorbs the water, then leave it inside your vagina for a few minutes. By doing this, there is a tightening in the vagina.

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Aloe Vera tightens the vagina

The properties of regeneration are found in aloe vera, which removes the looseness of the vagina and works to strengthen it. If you also want to tighten your vagina, then you can use it. You have to apply aloe vera in and around your vagina continuously for a few days. By doing this the skin around and around the vagina becomes tight. How to tighten vaginal walls

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The bark of the Amla tree tightens the vagina

Some such medicinal properties are found in the bark of Amla tree which play a big role in tightening the vagina. If your vagina has become loose and you want to tighten it again and fill happiness in your life, then you should use the bark of Amla tree. For this, you first put the bark of the Amla tree in water and keep it for 24 hours and then wash and clean your vagina with that water. How to tighten vaginal walls

Can Exercise tighten vaginal walls?

We are going to tell you about 5 exercises to tighten the muscles of the vagina, which are as follows:

Kegel exercises

When it comes to tightening the vaginal muscles, the name of Kegel exercise comes first. The most important thing about this vaginal tightening exercise is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. And no one will know about it. If you do Kegel exercises regularly, then the benefit will be hundred percent.

There is a method women can adopt to identify pelvic muscles. For this clean your fingers and insert one finger into your vagina. Once the finger is inserted, tighten whatever muscles of the vagina are around the finger. The muscles that are touching with your finger are the pelvic muscles.How to tighten vaginal walls

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You can also find out which pelvic floor muscles are by stopping urine in between while urinating. Pelvic floor muscles are the only muscles that get more pressure due to holding urine. How to tighten vaginal walls


Do Kegels really work to tighten?

Question  :-  I am 24 years old. I have been dating my boyfriend for the last three years and we both have very active sex lives. Will having too much sex make my vagina looser? I am very concerned about this. help please.

Answer :-  If you do Kegel exercises regularly, there is nothing to worry about – try to interrupt the flow of urine by compressing the muscles of the vagina every day, counting to three and then urinating. start doing; Then stop. Do this about ten times until the urination is complete. After a few days you will be able to tighten and relax your vaginal muscles.

Do leg raises tighten your vagina?

If you have already been doing leg raise exercises regularly, then it is possible that your vagina will be in good shape. This exercise not only helps in toning the muscles of the hips and abdomen, but also tightens your vagina. Lie on your back and raise your legs one by one in the air. Do this ten times. This will bring back the tightening of the vaginal muscles. Along with toning your leg muscles, leg raise exercises also tighten the muscles around your vagina. How to tighten vaginal walls

Is yoga good for vaginal health?

1. Balasana

Balasana is known as Child’s Pose. Its regular practice helps in tightening the loose vagina or vagina of women. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the pelvic area. Balasana strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs and back.  How to tighten vaginal walls

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Balasana Steps :-=

  • To do Balasan, first of all, spread a yoga mat in a peaceful environment.
  • Sit on it in Vajrasana.
  • Keep your waist and spine straight. How to tighten vaginal walls
  • Taking a long deep breath, raise both your hands above your head.
  • Now while exhaling slowly, bring the hands and the upper part of the waist forward or down. During this your head and both hands should touch the ground. How to tighten vaginal walls
  • After staying in this position for 30 seconds, come back to normal position or Vajrasana.
  • You can repeat this process 3-5 times daily. 

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2. Salabhasana

Shalabhasana is also known as Locust Pose . The shape of the body in this posture looks like a grasshopper. By doing Shalabhasan, you can maintain your vaginal health. If the vagina is loose after delivery, if it is practiced regularly, then it can be brought back into shape. It helps in removing problems related to uterus.  How to tighten vaginal walls


Salabhasana Steps :- 

  • First of all, choose a peaceful place to perform Shalabhasan. Place a yoga mat on this place.
  • Lie down comfortably on this mat on your stomach. How to tighten vaginal walls
  • Keep both the feet and toes close by.
  • Place both your palms under both the thighs. The palms should be facing down.
  • Now try to raise your legs while taking a long deep breath. How to tighten vaginal walls
  • Breathe in and out in this state. You stay in this position for 10-30 seconds.
  • Then slowly bring the legs down and relax.
  • You can repeat this process 3-5 times.
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3. Setu Bandhasana

In Setubandhasana, the body looks like a bridge. Hence it is also known as Bridge Pose. It is done lying on the back. With regular practice of this asana, the muscles of the pelvic area become strong and the vagina or vagina gradually starts coming in the right shape.  How to tighten vaginal walls

Setu Bandhasana

Setubandhasana is one of the best yoga asanas to get relief in thyroid, depression. It also cures the problem of back pain. Apart from this, this asana is helpful in strengthening the muscles of the back, legs and hands. How to tighten vaginal walls

How to do Setubandhasana :-

  • To do this asana, first of all, lie down on your back on a yoga mat.
  • Bend both your knees and place your soles on the ground.
  • Grab both the ankles with both your palms.
  • Now while taking long deep breaths, slowly try to raise the waist, hips and thighs.
  • Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds.
  • After that, slowly exhale and come back to the normal position.
  • You can also do this process 3-5 times.

4. Ustrasana

In Ustrasana, the body looks like a camel. Ushtra means camel in this. That’s why it is called Ustrasana. By the practice of this asana, the vagina that becomes loose after the delivery of women can be tightened. 


This is a yoga asana performed on the knees, whose regular practice provides many benefits to health. Ustrasana is very beneficial to calm anger.

How to do Ustrasana :-

  • To do this asana, sit in Vajrasana.
  • Keep both the thighs and feet close together.
  • Now stand on your knees.
  • Breathe in and bend backwards. Do not let the jerk hit the neck while bending.
  • Place both your palms on both the ankles.
  • In this position, your head will be tilted backwards.
  • Breathe in and out slowly in this state.
  • Stay in this state according to your ability and then slowly come back to normal.
  • This process can be repeated 3-5 times.
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