Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex

The existence of homosexuality has been denied in our society. Although, times are changing now, but still we keep homosexual people on the margins of society knowingly or unknowingly.

There is another aspect of homosexuality around which a world of myths has been built. Due to which truth and real knowledge are missing from the society and further thickens the question mark raised on the existence of homosexual persons. One such aspect is lesbian sex, which we will talk about. People believe that, naturally, Penis and Vagina Intercourse is called sex. 

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But, this is completely wrong information. Lesbian sex is also completely natural and orgasm can be achieved in this too. At the same time, there is much more information about lesbian sex, which the society does not even know. Let us know about these in detail. 

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What does lesbian sex mean?

Lesbian sex is mainly understood as the sexual relationship that takes place between two women. However, its interpretation has changed significantly over time. As the understanding of the society is increasing and we are becoming more aware of the sexuality of the people, in the same way the interpretation of sexuality is changing. Today lesbian sex is not limited to homosexual women, but it is also bisexual, pansexual, queer and even heterosexual. Women, also called straight, can do it. Any person of any sexuality can have any sex.


Lesbian Sex

On the other hand, lesbian sex is not only enjoyed by cisgender women, but it is also enjoyed by transgender women. Sisgender persons are those whose gender remains the same as the gender assigned at birth and transgender persons are those who are later found to be different from the gender assigned at birth.


For example, if a person is determined to be male based on genitalia at birth, but later finds himself more close to females, he is said to be transgender. 

How to do lesbian sex?

Now we have understood that, lesbian sex is not only between two cisgender women, but it can be done by women of any sexuality. At the same time, it is not necessary that the sexual organ of both the partners doing lesbian sex should be the same, in the case of transgender, the sexual organ of one partner can be the penis and the sexual organ of the other partner can also be the vagina. So now we know how to have lesbian sex. 

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Like normal sex, lesbian sex can also be done in three ways. like-

  • oral sex
  • vaginal sex
  • anal sex

What is lesbian oral sex?

In lesbian oral sex, both partners help achieve pleasure by stimulating each other’s genitals and sensitive parts with their hands, lips, and mouth. In this, you play with the opposite partner’s nipples, clitoris, inner thigh, scrotum (if transgender) etc.

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What is lesbian vaginal sex?

Lesbian vaginal sex is similar to normal sex, in which one partner penetrates his penis if he is transgender, or a dildo (sex toy) in the case of a cisgender, in the other partner’s vagina. 

What is lesbian anal sex?

Lesbian anal sex is also similar to normal anal sex, in which one partner penetrates his penis if he is transgender or a dildo (sex toy) in the case of cisgender, the other partner’s anus.

If the partner is transgender, then how to make lesbian sex better?

If your partner is transgender, then you can take help of the following tips to improve lesbian sex.

  • Give a handjob to the penis, in which you can talk to your partner at a speed that is comfortable for them.
  • Rub the head of their penis lightly.  
  • Gently caress the area between their scrotum and anus.
  • Play with the skin around the anus.  
  • You can also play with their penis, scrotum, inner thigh and anus with your lips and mouth.

If partner is cisgender, then how to make lesbian sex better?

If your partner is a cisgender, you can take the help of the following tips to improve lesbian sex.

  • Rub their clitoris in a circular or up-down motion.
  • Find your partner’s G-spot with the help of a finger and play with him.
  • Play with the skin around the anus.  
  • Play with your lips and mouth along the clitoris, vaginal opening, inner thigh, etc.

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Can get pregnant from lesbian sex 

Can get pregnant from lesbian sex 

Yes, this is the biggest misconception that you cannot get pregnant with lesbian sex. This is believed because people think that lesbian sex is only between cisgender women. However, in lesbian sex, one partner can be transgender and the other partner can be cisgender. In which pregnancy can occur due to penis and vaginal intercourse. Be sure to talk to your doctor about this for more and proper information.

STI and Safety

  1. There is a high risk of STI during lesbian sex. Therefore, take care of dental dam, external condom, internal
  2. condom, hand hygiene, gloves and finger coats etc.  
  3. If you are using sex toys, then take full care of their cleanliness. 
  4. In lesbian sex, take care of lubrication during anal sex, dildo, fingering, rubbing, seizing, fisting etc.
  5. To avoid STIs and other diseases and their serious consequences, both partners should get regular tests done.
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