List Of Course After 12th Commerce

List Of Course After 12th Commerce

List Of Course After 12th Commerce

After passing 12th, students start worrying about their future, what to do after 12th or which course should be taken so that their future becomes happy. But such trouble happens with everyone, especially when making a selection about life, then the problem becomes bigger, even if they are students of any stream (science, arts and commerce).

But if we talk about the commerce stream, then there is a little less trouble in it than other streams, although there is no shortage of courses in it, but most of the students like to go with some selected courses, that is why there is a little less trouble in it. Courses have been marked which are considered famous for career and better education.

What to do with commerce after 12th

Some important courses related to commerce have been named and their characteristics, which determine that this is a major course. In fact, the course is the best in which the priority of career scope and education is high.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

B.Com is an accounting based course which is of 3 years duration. Most of the students from commerce turn towards B.Com because there is no need to take any entrance exam to take admission in it. List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

But there are many such commerce colleges in which one has to pass the entrance exam to take admission.


There is about 15,000 annual in B.Com, which is affordable, perhaps that is why the popularity of B.Com is the highest. You can complete B.Com with Honors of your choice.


After finalizing B.Com you can continue your higher education like; You can get jobs with good salary package by passing the entrance exam for M.Com, MBA and MCA etc. or Government Jobs, or you can make a career in Accounting Finance, Operation Taxation and other private fields. List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Cast and Work Accountant (CWA)

Cost and work accountant can be done after 12th, which is almost similar to CA course, there are many institutes in India which offer this course.

To do this course, one has to do the foundation course first. After completing the course, students get a chance to work in the post of cost accountant.

Cast and Work Accountant (CWA)

This is a popular course, after completing which you can get a good job which is a job with a very high salary package. Especially its future scope is very much in India.

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Marketing

B.Com- Financial Marketing can be done after 12th and in this you are introduced about many such topics which are more used in financial marketing.

This program is of 3 years and you are given information about about 41 subjects. When you get this degree, after that this degree creates immense possibilities for you in jobs.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Marketing

You can get jobs in many fields with the help of this course like; Finance Officer, Finance Controller, Finance Planner, Money Market Diller and Finance Manager, etc.

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI)

It is a 3 year degree course which is divided into 6 semesters. B.Com (Banking and Insurance) is both an academic and a professional degree. In BBI, training is given to cover accounting, insurance, law, banking law, and insurance risk.

Not only this, communication skills are also provided in it so that it can be convenient to understand the banking and insurance field with maturity.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance

The study of this course is provided both in practical and theoretical mode. Bachelor in Banking & Insurance is the best choice for those who want to make a career in the field of banking.

career and salary package

After completing Bachelor of Banking & Insurance, you can go for higher education, you can do jobs in Insurance, Financial, Auditing or Accounting as per your choice in the field of Banking. A fresher candidate can get 3 lakh to 4 lakh per annum salary in this industry.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Bachelor in Accounting & Finance is a 3 year degree course which can be done after 12th commerce and its exam is semester wise.

List Of Course After 12th Commerce


The fee for this course is around 14,000 to 35,000 in a private college. Whereas in a government college, it is about 10,000 to 25,000, in which there is also a provision of scholarship etc.


After completing the course, career opportunities in finance and accounting increase such as; Banks, Business, Schools, Credit, Organization, Consultancies, Economic, Consulting jobs, Indian Civil Services, Health Department, Insurance Industry, Securities Industry and Investments etc. List Of Course After 12th Commerce

In this, the annual salary of a fresher candidate is around 3.5 to 4 lakhs and as the experience increases, the salary also increases.

Chartered Accountant

CA is the most valuable and top competitive post in India, which offers the course of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Chartered Accountants.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Chartered Accountant

The process of becoming a CA starts from the 10th itself like, if you want to become a Chartered Accountant then you can apply for CPT after passing 10th but you can give the exam only after passing 12th, which is the first entrance of CA.

After 12th, any student and students of any stream can make a career in CA. The special thing is that no mark percentage is required for CA entrance exam.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Only you should be 12th pass. It has been seen many times that students apply for CA even after graduation, but due to the long duration of CA, the time to start it is right after 12th and the time is also very long. The duration of CA course is 4.5

Company Secretary

To become a CS, after passing 12th, you can apply for the Foundation Entrance Exam, which is the entrance exam of the first stage of CS.

Online registration process is available. The CS course exam is conducted in three phases, the first being the Foundation Exam, the second Executive Exam and the third being the Professional Exam. List Of Course After 12th Commerce

The Company Secretary exam is held twice a year in June and December, and the fee for the entire course is around Rs 35,000.

After completing the degree of CS, you can practice yourself or you can be appointed in the post of Cs in a high demand company, its starting salary is around 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs. With the increase in experience, your salary also increases.

BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration)

BBA is a degree level course done after 12th commerce which is prescribed in 6 semesters. You can complete BBA with your favorite subject like (Marketing, Finance, International Business Human Resource) etc.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce


The fee of BBA usually depends on its university, in private colleges its fees range from about 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs and in government colleges it is much less than private.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

One important thing is that after taking BBA degree, you can do MBA, this is a highly demanded course. Apart from this, after doing BBA, job opportunities increase in it and you can easily get a job, so it is the best option in commerce after 12th and its salary package is also good.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Diploma courses after 12th commerce

In today’s era, most of the students are going after 1st annual courses, from which it can be estimated that how much demand is there for 1st annual courses right now.  List Of Course After 12th Commerce

Obviously, we run after the same thing in which there is a possibility of getting success quickly because Diploma Courses are only for 1 year but its demand is so high that after completing this degree, the chances of getting a job in it increases a lot.

That’s why the focus of the students is mostly on Diploma Courses. We are mentioning below the list of diploma courses, which you must do after 12th commerce, these are all high demanded diploma courses and all these are one year courses.

  • Diploma in Finance Accountancy
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma In Retail Management
  • Diploma In Physical Education
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma In Yoga List Of Course After 12th Commerce
  • Diploma In Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Application

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