Phrase Meaning in Hindi

Phrase Meaning in Hindi

       IDIOMS AND PHRASE Meaning in Hindi

Phrase Meaning in Hindi :- वाक्यांश 

1.All and sundry : All without exception. ( बिना किसी अपवाद के )

He gave sweet to All and sundry. 

2.At a low ebb : Decreasing ( कम होना )

His popularity is at a low ebb

3.To be at one : Agree (  सहमत होना )

He was at one with me on all points.

4. To be at the end of : At the end of resources. ( संसाधनों का समाप्त होना  )

One’s tether : He was at the end of his tether by spending foolishly.

5.Read between the line : Find out the secret meaning. ( सही रहस्य का पता लगाना  )

Read the letter between the lines to know his real intention.

6.Look black at somebody : Look angrily. ( गुस्से से देखना )

He looked black at me when I disobeyed him.

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7.Black tidings : Sad news, causing despair. ( दुखद समाचार,)

He was informed of black tidings when he woke up.

8.Down in the mouth : Out of spirits. ( उत्साह रहित  )

He is looking down in the mouth today.

9.In abeyance : In a state of suspension. ( निष्कासन की अवस्था  )

The other has been kept in abeyance.

10.Ins and outs : Full details. ( सम्पूर्ण जानकारी )

I know the inns and outs of the matter. 

11.In black and white : In writing ( लिखित में )

Put it down in black and white.

12.In round numbers : Roughly  ( लगभग )

The cost will be Rs. 500 in round unumbers.

13.On the cards : Likely. ( जल्दी में  )

A change of the ministry is on the cards.

14.On the dot : In time ( समय से  )

He is never marked late in his office, he reaches office on the dot.

15.Out of spirits : Out of zest. ( उत्साह रहित होना )

You seem out of the wood yet.

16.Out of the wood : Free from difficulties. ( कठिनाइयों से मुक्त। )

I am not out of the wood yet.

17.Sum and substance : The purpose. ( उद्देश्य। )

The Sum and substance of the story is this

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18.All the crow flies : Straight. ( सीधे )

My house is 5 Km. from the station as the crow flies.

19.A better pill to swallow : Something unpleasant to accept. ( किसी अप्रिय चीज़ को स्वीकार करना  )

The new posting to him was a better pill to swallow but he had no choice.

20.Cog in the machine : An unimportant person of a big enterprise  ( बड़ी कंपनी का गैर ज़िम्मेदाराना व्यक्ति  )

He is just a cog in the machine.

21.Herculean task : A difficult task. ( कठिन कार्य )

Solving this problem is a herculean task.

22.Hush money : Bribe for silence.( चुप्पी के लिए रिश्वत। )

He offered me hush-money not to give out the secret but I refused it.

23.Itching palm : Habits of taking bribe. ( हथेली खुजलाना , रिश्वत लेने की आदत )

I abhore him for he has an itching palm. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

24.On the carpet: Under consideration ( विचाराधीन )

He wanted to know what on the carpet in the meeting.

25.Point blank : directly. ( सीधे तौर पर। )

I told him point blank that I cannot support him.

26.Salt of the earth : Ideal man. ( आदर्श व्यक्ति। )

Men like Gandhiji are salt of the earth.

27.Straight from the : Information direct from a reliable person. ( विश्वसनीय  से  जानकारी )

Horse’s mouth : I got the news straight from the horse’s mouth.

28.Storm in a tea-cup : Great excitement over a small matter. ( उत्तेजित होना  )

You have raised a storm in a tea -cup.

29.Wolf’s in sheep’s : Enemy posing as a friend. ( शत्रु का मित्र की तरह व्यवहार करना )

clothing : You must not trust him, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

30.Bury the hatchet :  End Quarrel ( विवाद ख़त्म करना  )

Let us burry the hatch and make friendship again.

31.Cross one’s mind : Flash across the mind. ( दिमाग में विचार ना आना )

The idea did not cross my mind. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

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32.Join issue with : Differ with ( अलग होना  )

I join issue with you on the point.

33.Keep the world from : Keep away from poverty ( गरीबी से दूर रहें )

the door : I have to work hard to keep the world from the door.

34.Suppress querry : Hide facts.  ( तथ्य को छिपाना  )

None can suppress querry.

35.Under the sun : Anywhere. ( कहाँ भी या किसी भी स्थान पर  )

Even a beggar has some place under the sun.

36.Nigger in a wood pile : Which means something. ( कुछ होना  )

Her bad temper is a nigger in a wood pile in her personality.

37. An old flame : Lover, ( प्रियसी  )

Paromita is my old flame.

38.Tax one’s patience : Very hard test of patience. ( धैर्य की कठिन परीक्षा लेना  )

Gandhiji was severely taxed patience because he believed in non-violence.

39.Save one’s skin : Save oneself. ( खुद को बचाना  )

Students use unfair means to save their skin in examination.

40.Keep a good table : Give luxurious meal. ( अच्छा भोजन देना  )

She keeps a good table for the guest whoever visits her.

41.In many pin : Jokingly. ( हास्य पूर्वक  )

She said this in merry pin that you were a joker.

42. At enmity with : Hostility, hatred. ( दुश्मनी, नफरत )

To be at enmity with any body is a sin. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

43.At stake : In danger. ( खतरे में )

Behave humanely, otherwise your own prestige will be at stake.

44. At ease: free.  ( आजाद होना  )

After the work was over, I was really at ease

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45. At a standstill : Not moving at all.  ( 

I saw that Dr. khan was in his clinic. To see me he stood at a standstill for while but soon he recognized me.

46.Aghast at : Filled with fear. ( भय से भरा हुआ। )

Mrs. Praveen , my wife, stood aghast at the sight. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

47.Ask after somebody: Ask for information about.  ( जानकारी प्राप्त करना  ) 

She was asking me after you. perhaps , she still feels your absence after the divorce.

48. Catch at a straw: A small help. ( तिनके का सहारा  )

A drowning man will catch at a straw. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

49.Do’s and don’ts : Customs ( प्रथा )

Some persons have too many do’s and don’ts.

50.Diddle somebody : Cheat.  ( धोखा देना )

None can diddle me.

51.Die in harness : Die at work. 

She died in harness.

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52.Don’t mind someone : Don’t bother about someone ( किसी को हस्तक्षेप करना  )

I have the ability to manage my own affairs, don’t mind me.

53.Drive somebody in : Neglecting. ( किसी को अनदेखा करना  )

A corner : He drove me in a corner while she was talking and arguing with him.

54.To be drawn: To be attracted. ( आकर्षित करना )

She was the cause of to be drawn in the whole party. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

55.The early bird gets : One who stands early is more successful

The warm : Be the early bird and get the warm. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

56.Keep early hours : Rise and go to bed early.  ( शीघ्र जागना और सोना  )

To keep early hour is a good habit.

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57.To show white feather : To show fear. ( दर दिखाना  )

He has to show white feather in the performance of the circus. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

58.Feather in the cap: A very good achievement. ( अच्छी उपलब्धि  )

His scholarship for USA is a feather in a cap.

59.A good Samaritan : A really kind man. ( : एक सच्चा दयालु आदमी )

60.To raise a dust : To crcate confusion. (  असमंजस पैदा करना  )

Present govt, has raised a dust due to its policies.

61.To bring home the bacon : To be successful. ( सफल होना  )

Ram has brought home the bacon.

62.To slick to one’s gun : To maintain one’s point against all opposition. ( अपनी बात पर स्थिर रहना  )

Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpai was sticked to his gun always. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

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63.Man of letters : Scholar. ( विद्वान। )

The Mahatma Gandhi ji was the man of letters.

64.At a low key : At reducing. ( कम होना या घटना )

The popularity of congress party is at a low key.

65.To die a dog’s death : Unheroic death. ( अनहोनी मौत। )

Some people in India die a dog’s death. Phrase Meaning in Hindi 

66.To fire on all : To exert with all force. ( सम्पूर्ण बल देना )

All political parties make fire on all against parties during the election.

67.To Break the duck : To begin.  ( शुरू करना  )

Hari has broken the duck pertaining to garmentes. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

68.A big shot : Important person. (  महत्वपूर्ण व्यक्ति )

Mr. Narander Modi is a big shot in BJP

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69. Rise from ashes : To rise high from low. ( निम्न स्थर से ऊपर उठना  )

Many successful business men in india have rised from ashes Phrase Meaning in Hindi

70.Cut the Gordian knot : To perform a difficult task.  ( कठिन कार्य करना  ) 

Mr Anna Hajare has cut the Gordian knot by lok pal bill.

71.To talk shop : To talk nonsense. ( बेकार की बाते करना  )

My friend talk shop of only with me.

72.To have finger in the pie : To do something in an affair. 

I have finger in the pie recently. Phrase Meaning in Hindi

73.To have one’s heart in the right place : To be kind. ( दयालु होना  )

He has his heart in the right place.

74.My hands are full : I am busy. ( व्यस्त रहना  )

He told me that his hands are full.

75.To give someone a place of mind : To scold. ( धमकाना  )

Ram’s father gave his a place of mind to him.

76. To bury the hatchet : To make peace. ( शांति फैलाना  )

America wants to bury the hatchet with other countries Phrase Meaning in Hindi

77. To be at the end of one’s tether : To have no resources no.

78. Out of the woods :  Out of difficulties ( मुसीबत से छुटकारा  ) 

At last India came out of the woods and got independence.

79. A hot line : Direct telephone line between heads of states. ( एक सीधे टेलीफोन लाइन होना  )

There is a hot line between India and America.

80.To black-ball : Prevent from doing something.  ( कुछ करने से रोकना  )

He has made me a black-ball in the general life.

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Phrase Meaning in Hindi

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