PPT On Child Labour

PPT On Child Labour

PPT On Child Labour


Child labor is the physical work of children, usually with or without payment of wages. Child labor is not limited to India only, it is a global phenomenon. According to the Constitution of India, children between the age of 5 – 14 years who do mental or physical labor in any industry, factory or any company are called child laborers. PPT On Child Labour

  • According to the United Nations, people who work under the age of 18 are child laborers.
  • According to the International Labor Organization, the age of child labor has been fixed at 15 years.
  • In the US, people 12 years of age or younger are considered child laborers. PPT On Child Labour

Child Labour In India 

Child labour refers to employing children in any work that deprives them of their childhood. Interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and is dangerous and harmful mentally, physically, socially or morally.

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According to the 2011 Census of India, there are 10.1 million children in the age group of 5–14 years, of whom 8.1 million are employed primarily as farmers (23%) and agricultural laborers (32.9%) in rural areas.

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Causes Of Child Labour

  • The biggest reason for child labor is poverty in our country. People from poor families are unable to earn their livelihood, so they send their children for child labor.
  •  Due to lack of education, parents think that the sooner children learn to earn, the sooner it will be better for them. PPT On Child Labour
  • The parents of some parents are greedy, who do not want to work themselves and send their children to do hard work for few rupees.
  •  Child labor is also being encouraged because children are given less money as a reward for working, due to which people prefer to employ children. PPT On Child Labour
  • Millions of children are orphaned in our country, this is also one of the reasons for the increase in child labor. Some mafia people intimidate those children and send them to beg and work.
  • Sometimes children also have family compulsions because some such accidents happen due to which there is no earning person in their family, so they are compelled to work in hotels, dhabas, tea shops, factories in their early childhood.  PPT On Child Labour
  • The population growth rate in India is increasing very fast, due to which the price of essential commodities is increasing day by day. Due to which poor people are not able to maintain their family, so all the members of the family have to work, which includes children, so the children have to work hard even if they do not want to. PPT On Child Labour
  • The Government of India has made laws to stop child labor, but there are many flaws in those laws, taking advantage of this, people carry out child labor and sometimes the law is not followed properly.
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Consequences of child Labour


  •  Childhood is the best moment of life, when we are children, we do not worry about anything. We play with toys and everyone loves us and we can read whatever we want. But the children who are employed in the work of child labor are never able to play and do the work they want. Due to which his entire childhood is spent in working as a laborer. PPT On Child Labour
  • Children engaged in child labor often become victims of malnutrition because their employers make them work more but do not give them anything to eat. Due to which there is a lack of energy in their body and they gradually become victims of malnutrition.
  • Many children and girls are also physically abused while doing child labor which is a double whammy on them. According to a report, about 40% of the children employed in child labor are physically abused. This is a very serious matter but it is never given any attention.
  • Children often make mistakes while working. Mistakes happen even to older people, but it is easy to scold children, so their bosses who make them work give them mental torture. Which has a bad effect on the brain of a small child. PPT On Child Labour
  • The parents of the children put their children on wages for some money in childhood but they do not know that if they read and write otherwise they will not be able to get a job and they will have to work whole life. Due to which his whole life will be spent in poverty.
  • Most of the children of poor families are not able to read and write, that is why they are not able to do a good job and are unable to cooperate in the development of the country, so the economic development of the country also slows down. PPT On Child Labour
  • Where children are made to work, the people there use abusive language. Also their living conditions are not good. Due to which the children also start living with them due to their language and living like them and their mental condition also becomes weak due to which a good society cannot develop.
  • The child remains uneducated. The future of the country starts moving towards darkness. Along with this, unemployment, poverty start increasing further.
  •  By getting children to work, the physical, mental, intellectual and social development of children is stunted.
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Some Fact About Child Labour


  • World Day Against Child Labor is celebrated every year on 12th June and this time its theme is ‘Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams’.
  • According to the International Labor Organization, even today 152 million or about 152 million children work as laborers all over the world.
  • Even after many efforts, child laborers are in almost every field and every 7 out of 10 children work in the fields and their life is very difficult. PPT On Child Labour
  • According to the report of the International Labor Organization (ILO), globally, a population of 21.8 million children (age 5 to 17 years) are present in some form of employment. 
  • Of these, 15.2 million children are child laborers and out of this, 7.3 million children are doing very dangerous kind of labour.
  • Not only this, in America, more than 10 million children (ie 1 child out of every 19) are trapped in the quagmire of child labor. PPT On Child Labour
  • According to the June 2017 report of the ILO, the population of children in the age group of 5-14 years in India is 25.96 million (259.6 million) based on the 2011 census. Out of which more than 1 crore children are forced to work in some way or the other. PPT On Child Labour
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Initiative against child labor in India

  • Taking into account the findings and recommendations of the Gurupadswamy committee, the Central Government enacted the ‘Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act’ – 1986.
  • Recently, India has ratified the Convention No. 138 (Minimum Age for Employment) and Convention No. 182 (Worst Forms of Child Labor) of the International Labor Organization (ILO). PPT On Child Labour

The Child Labor (Prohibition and Prevention) Amendment Act, 2016 was implemented.

  • The Act prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years in all occupations and prohibits the employment of juveniles in the age group of 14 to 18 years in ‘Hazardous Occupations’.
  • In the new law, the employment age for children has been linked to the age of compulsory education under the Right to Education Act (RTE), 2009. PPT On Child Labour

Steps To Prevent Child Labour

Child labor is a curse for our society which will not allow our society to become free from injustice. We should always keep in mind that we do not do the child any favors by giving him money or food instead of getting him to work, rather we play with his future. PPT On Child Labour

  •  To end child labor, first of all we have to change our thinking. To end child labor, first of all, no child should be employed in their homes or offices.
  •  Strong and stringent laws should be made to prevent child labour. So that no one is afraid to do child labor. PPT On Child Labour
  •  If you come across any child labor case, first of all you should report it to the nearest police station.
  •  We should raise our voice against stone hearts that harbor child labour.
  • Common man should also be aware about child labor and stop it from happening in his society.
  •  Poor parents should pay full attention towards the education of their children because today the government is providing facilities like free education, food and medicines in some schools.
  • The people of factories and shops should take a vow that they will not make any child labor or labor and will stop the people who get the work done.
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Non-governmental organizations

Non-governmental organizations Many NGOs like Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Care India, Child Rights and You, Global March Against Child Labor, Ride India etc. are working to eradicate child labor in India. Pratham is India’s largest non-governmental organization whose mission is ‘every child is in school and learning well’. Established in 1994, Pratham aims to reduce child labor and provide schooling to children irrespective of their gender, religion and social background. It has evolved by offering low-cost education models that are sustainable and reproducible. Child labor has also been the subject of public interest litigation in Indian courts. PPT On Child Labour



Conclusion The problem of child labor remains a challenge before the country. The government is taking several proactive steps to deal with this problem. However, given the magnitude and extent of the problem and that it is essentially a socio-economic problem that is inextricably linked to poverty and illiteracy, concerted efforts of all societies are needed to break into the problem. PPT On Child Labour

The social evil of child labor can be brought under control, if everyone takes responsibility for the prevalent child labor. Every citizen should be aware of his responsibilities and take corrective measures to stop child labor, so that we can build a better and developed India. Child labor can be controlled if the government works effectively with the cooperation of the people.

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