RBL Credit Card Status

RBL Credit Card Status

RBL Credit Card Status

RBL Bank offers a variety of credit cards that cater to the diverse needs of the customers. You can check your RBL Bank credit card application information online and offline.

How to Know RBL Credit Card Application Status Online

RBL Bank facilitates the customers to check their credit card application status online. For this follow these steps given below. RBL Credit Card Status

Step 1– Visit the RBL page to check RBL Bank online application status. Click here for

Step 2 – Enter your reference number, must use ‘#’ symbol in the reference number. Then enter your mobile number, the same mobile number that you entered in the credit card application form. RBL Credit Card Status

RBL Credit Card Status

Step 3- Click on ‘Submit’.

Result of RBL Bank Credit Card Application Status

Now you can check the Application Status of your RBL Bank Credit Card. Whether your credit card is in process or has been sent, or rejected, or on hold, or no record has been received. RBL Credit Card Status

In Process – This means that your credit card application is currently under review, documents are being scrutinized, or the bank is yet to decide whether to accept or reject your application.

RBL Credit Card Status

Dispatched or Sent – ​​This means that your credit card application has been accepted by the bank and the credit card has been sent to be sent to your address. It takes up to 7 days for the credit card to reach you

Hold – This means that the bank has reviewed your credit card application and put it on hold. This happens when there is some incomplete information in the application form or no documents are available to get the bank to process your application. You can also call the customer care center of RBL Bank. Toll free number – 1800 121 9050, or you can also email cardservices@rblbank.com for more details RBL Credit Card Status

Reject – This means that your credit card application has been rejected by the bank and will be sent to you by message or email. RBL Credit Card Status

No Record Received – It means that you have entered some wrong information, or you may have entered the register mobile number, reference number or any other information, or you have entered ‘#’ while entering the reference number Forgot to put For this, fill all the information again and click on the ‘Submit’ button

How to Know Offline RBL Credit Card Application Status

  • Customer Care

If you are unable to check RBL Bank credit card application status online due to any reason, you can check it by calling on the number given below: RBL Credit Card Status

  1. RBL Bank Credit Card Helpline Number :-  022 6232 7777 – 1800 121 9050
  2. Super card helpline number :-  022 711 90 900

When you talk to the customer service officer, he will ask you the mobile number, reference number, which you will have given while filling the credit card form. Then you will get to know the status of your credit card application by the official. RBL Credit Card Status

  • Visit bank branch

You can also visit an RBL Bank branch to check the status of your RBL Bank Credit Card application. By reaching there, you can know the status of the credit card by giving your reference number and photo to the bank official.  RBL Credit Card Status

Question. What are the main reasons for a credit card rejection?

Answer: It depends on the bank whether to reject or put your credit card application on hold. The main reason for this can be some mistakes in financial and personal information. The bank also looks at your credit score. If your credit score is low, the bank may reject your application. So you can improve your credit score in a few months, and then apply again for the same credit card or for a new credit card.

Question. How long does it take for a credit card to arrive after it is issued?

Answer: Once your credit card is issued, you will get the credit card in 5 to 7 days.

Question. Can I check the status of my application when I do not have my reference number or application number?

Answer- Yes, many banks online allow you to know the status of the application by your date of birth and your mobile number. If you do not get the reference number or application number, you can enter your mobile number and date of birth. If no such option is visible, you can call the customer care of the bank.

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