SC Full Form

SC Full Form

SC Full Form

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about SC Full Form.  If you do not know about it then our article today can be very useful for you. Because in this we are going to give you complete information about SC Caste. 

We all often hear about SC and many people are also aware of this term. But many people do not know its full form, but all people need to know about its Full form.

In this article you will learn about what is full form of SC , about SC Caste.

Mosty of castes or communities are under the Scheduled Castes. Which are somewhat developed from ST. But are considered excluded on social and economic grounds. These two castes never get along well For this reason, it was called Scheduled.

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SC Full Form

SC Full Form is Scheduled castes.

This category consists mostly of scavenging castes, leather-workers castes, untouchables, castes, etc. The constitution has provided 15% reservation in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed undertakings to the people belonging to Scheduled Castes. 

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About SC ( Scheduled Castes )

SC (Scheduled Castes ) are untouchable castes of India.  They live outside the villages And they were need ‘dirty’ works Such as clearing sewage, clearing dead animals, leather work etc.  They were not allowed to touch the food, money, clothing of the upper caste. Because they were doing dirty work. He was the most discriminated among the Shudra castes.

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