SP Full Form

SP Full Form

SP Full Form

It is important for you to know what SP is, then SP is a Superintendent of Police. the Superintendent of Police is the head of the police force of a district. That is, the head of the police force is friends, from a constable to an assistant superintendent of police, everyone works inside him and completely obeys every one of his orders. SP Full Form

Friends, it is the responsibility of an SP to keep his district safe and peaceful from corruption or terrorist or criminal activities. SP are responsible for handling law and order as well as for preventing crime completely.

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Friends, you will know that there are people from every caste in our country and all the festivals are different, then it is the responsibility of the SP to arrange the festivals in a good way, that is, an SP should make his district good The way one has to operate is called SP.

Now we know what the SP Full Form is, then the full form of SP is Superintendent of Police .

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SP Full Form ?

SP Full Form is Superintendent of Police

An SP is deployed in every district of India to maintain law and order. The SP of that district is responsible for maintaining peace and order in the entire district. The SP performs this task with the help of the entire Police Department in the district.

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The SP of that district is responsible for any crime in the district. In such Let us know what is the work of SP of a district and what kind of responsibility it has to take.



Work of SP

  • Take control of all criminal incidents in the district.
  • In any event, allowing the officer concerned to conduct an investigation related to that incident.
  • To check and control any government work happening in the district and corruption Keep.
  • Allowing public to hold any demonstration or gathering. SP Full Form

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  • Arrange for the safety of any minister or VIP on arrival in the district.
  • Transfer of police personnel from one station to another within the district.
  • Scheduling leave of all policemen and keeping a detailed performance of everyone.

Here we have come to know what is the work of SP, in this sequence, let us also know how become a SP ?


How to Become a SP

Friends, you will know that there is no exam to get any one post out of all the big posts, just like you do not give any kind of exam to become SP or Superintendent of Police. There is some process for this, only then you get the post of your SP, so now I will tell you below. SP Full Form

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Friends, to become SP, first of all you have to become DSP, for this, first you have to give the exam of State PSC (State Public Service Commission) and pass it, if you pass all the exam then you get the post of DSP.

After this, you will have to work in DSP for at least 5 to 10 years, if your performance is very good with your whole heart, then your post will be approved, in SP, that is, you can become SP only through promotion. If you want complete information about DSP, then I have already told you that you can read it.

How To Prepare For SP Exam

Friends, to prepare for SP, you will first have to prepare for the State PSC exam because it can become a DSP from the exam itself and remember that this exam is not so easy. Therefore, preparations for this will also have to be done very thoughtfully, but whatever happens, if you study with complete honesty, then you will definitely crack this exam.

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I will suggest you that whatever you read, just study hard and also study all the things that the question is asked in the exam and remember one thing which was asked last year question, because you must read it. From this you will know that which question comes in the exam, that is, what type of question is asked, you will get an idea from it.

Salary of SP

Friends, now the question must surely come in your mind that how much is the salary of SP, then I want to tell you that the starting salary in this can be from 40000 to 1 lakhs, in which way your time in SP will also increase your salary. SP Full Form




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