Swachh Bharat Slogan in English

Swachh Bharat Slogan in English

The mottos of cleanliness continue to encourage us to keep our country clean in our surroundings.

When a campaign is run, with a slogan, all the people go together and then the same campaign becomes the cause of a major change. As we all know, just as the drop drop makes the ocean, so everyone is able to understand the need for cleanliness and hygiene, then our India will not be too late to become clean. Swachh Bharat Slogan in English

All the people are cleaning up their own places like home, shop and office, but have you ever wondered if this country is our home, so why keep it dirty. Swachh Bharat Slogan in English

Now we are determined,
Make India clean.

Remove the dirt,
Make India clean.


Hygiene is essential,
Thereby maintaining wellness.

Gandhiji’s message,
Keep the country clean.

will do cleanliness when working,
Developed nations will come across their names.


Now we are determined,
India children – this is what the old people say,
Never stay in the dirt.

All people praise,
Dirt will harm everyone.

Only then will the new Savera come,
When there is a clean society, we have to make it clean.

Remove the dirt,
Make India clean.

Swachh Bharat Slogan in English

1. We all have the same slogan, be neat and tidy country ours
2. Creating a Clean India is a huge campaign, all to contribute to it.
3. Adopt the karma of cleanliness and make it your religion.
4. My dream home is the dream of the family, the use of the soralaya is your honour.
5. Let us do all that, the glory of the land that has remained.

6. We have done this environment, let us correct our mistakes, take trees, and blossom flowers.
7. Do not go out of the house, build the toilet at home.
8. Let us all work together, and name the half-hour cleaning every morning.
9. Swachh Bharat’s Jan Abhiyan is being awakened by the whole of India, Gully Mohalla and the house reaching out to the masses.
10. The cleanness that he could do is escape from great diseases.

11. This is the greatest evil that does not clean up around.
12. If ye do not adopt cleanliness, ye will eat dirt in the food.
13. When we adopt cleanliness, we will build the India of dreams.
14. The responsibility of the people is that the house is defecation, it is prudent.
15. Build a think house at home, make India clean.

16. Let our city be clean, and we shall all have a hand in it.
17. The dream of a bright India is a clean environment.
18. Let’s save the environment, make everyone better.
19. The people have only one dream, open defecation free India.
20. Call the mother earth, and make your way around.

21. We are all determined to make Bharat clean by all.
22. Every end of the land shall be open, and we shall clean up.
23. Make India with Bapu’s dreams, squeezing variables and cleanliness.
24. Let us all do something that will enhance the glory of our country.
25. It is said that all the Vedas and mythology are equal to men.

26. Heaven on the earth is only there, there is cleanliness and cleanliness.
27. Raise your hand with fellow Ray, and drive away the dirt from here.
28. It is only for all of us to have a dream, a clean and pure India.
29. Now every Indian is determined to make the whole of India clean.
30. Remove dirt, make India clean. Swachh Bharat Slogan in English


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Swachh Bharat Slogan in English

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Swachh Bharat Slogan in English
Swachh Bharat Slogan in English



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