Time Management PPT

Time Management PPT

Time Management PPT

“What is Time Management?”

Time Management is planning to organize your time between specific activities.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. All the people who are there only get 24 hours in a day to complete the work. But still you have wondered why some people are very successful and some people are very unsuccessful.

This is because the more successful people are, they know how to manage their time. He keeps a proper time list for his whole day’s work. And he does all his work according to the list at that time. Time Management PPT

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" Why do we need time management ? "

” Why do we need time management ? “

  • We need time management for to save time
  • We need time management for to reduce stress Time Management PPT
  • We need time management for to function effectively
  • We need time management for to increase our work output
  • We need time management for to have more control over our job responsibilities.

How to use time effectively?

How to use time effectively?

  • Effective Planning
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Setting deadlines Time Management PPT
  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Prioritizing activities as per their importance
  • Spending the right time on the right activity

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The process of Time Management starts with

The process of Time Management starts with

  • Costing Your Time
  • Organization
  • Prioritization Time Management PPT
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication
  • Planning Time Management PPT
  • Stress management
  • Achieve your goals

Costing your time

  • Understand your true value by calculating your cost per year
  • Cost per year = (Salary + taxes + office space + office equipment + profit you generate)
  • Calculate your hourly rate = Cost per year / work hr per year

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  • Staying organized can help you maintain a clear picture of what you need to accomplish and when.
  • Being organized can mean maintaining an up-to-date calendar, Time Management PPT
  • Easily locate certain documents, maintain a well-organized environment, and take detailed, diligent notes.


Assessing each of your responsibilities to prioritize is key in being a good time manager. There are several ways to prioritize what you need to accomplish. Time Management PPT

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Goal Setting

  • Setting goals is the first step to becoming a good time manager.  Time Management PPT
  • Goal-setting allows you to clearly understand your end goal and what you need to prioritize in order to accomplish it.
  • Setting both short and long term goals can lead to success in your career. Time Management PPT


Developing strong communication skills can help you make your plans and goals clear to the people you work with. It also allows you to delegate, which allows you to focus on completing the most important, relevant tasks that align with your goals.


Create an action plan – a list of actions to be taken to achieve your goals. Time Management PPT

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Stress management

You should pay attention to your mental health. Handling stress in a positive way can help you stay motivated and perform well as you go through your schedule. Time Management PPT

Achieve your goals

Be your own judge and your own motivator, Make Time Management your tool for success. Time Management PPT

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Manage your time  & keep smiling…

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