UPI Full Form

UPI Full Form

UPI Full Form

UPI is being used a lot these days and many people are preferring to pay through UPI app. Today, making online payment from smartphone is in trend.

Sending money through smartphone, paying in shops or online, recharge, paying electricity bill etc. is done in less time and with the advent of UPI it has become much easier.  UPI Full Form

Still for many people the word UPI is completely new and they are not aware that what is UPI. So today we are going to tell about UPI in detail here.

What is UPI ?

UPI is a real time payment system, this system allows instant online money transfer from one bank account to another bank account through mobile platform. UPI Full Form

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UPI Full Form

The full form of UPI is Unified Payment Interface. The UPI system is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India.

You can add your different bank accounts in any UPI App and use them all on the same app.

Nowadays many big apps are providing UPI facility in association with UPI system and banks. Apart from this, each bank also has its own UPI App. In which there are features like Instant Money Transfer, Balance Inquiry, Transaction History etc. 


There are many UPI apps available for Android and iOS based smartphones.

What is UPI Pin Code ?

UPI PIN or Code is a personal PIN / Password code, which is set at the time of registering a bank account in the UPI App. All transactions on UPI are authorized through this 4- to 6-digit PIN.

What is UPI number?

UPI number is your mobile number from which your UPI ID has been created and it is linked to your bank account. 

Usually, while sending money from a UPI app, the mobile number of the person in front is entered, which shows the name of the person to whom the money is to be sent. This mobile number is usually called UPI Number by the people. UPI Full Form

Apart from this, the PIN number of any UPI is a password or PIN of some digits, which is used to send money or make payment from the UPI App.

UP ID / Address 

Just as a bank account has an account number, in the same way, UPI ID is a virtual payment address of a UPI account, through which money can be transferred from UPI to that account.

How do I get a UPI ID?

Here we will tell you to create UPI ID from SBI Pay, you can also create your account from other similar apps. Download and open the Android App from Play Store.

How do I get a UPI ID?

As soon as you open the app, you will get the message “Your Device Is Not Registered With The PSP…”

Keep in mind that your phone should have the same SIM card, it is registered with your bank account, if the same SIM is in your phone then click on “Accept”. UPI Full Form

On clicking Accept, show your SIM number in front of you and if the same number is connected to your account, then click on “Yes”. On clicking Yes, you will get the UPI registration form and you have to fill all the information correctly in the form. .

Virtual Address: – This is a kind of ID like someone’s email ID. If we want to send an email to someone, then his email ID is needed, similarly, to send money to someone, this will be his ID and with the help of this money can be sent easily. Here you can fill your name which is easy to remember. (Like your name is Raj Kumar then :- Raj123 ) UPI Full Form

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  • Enter your name (Rahul)
  • Enter your Surname (Kumar)
  • Enter your Email ID
  • Select any one Secret Question. This question will be asked to you later, then here you have to select any given 3 questions and fill its answer below and remember it too (eg: 3rd Question is your GF name by selecting it) You can fill your childhood name in the answer Example :- Niki )
  • select your bank UPI Full Form
  • Agree to the Term & Conditions and click on Next.
How do I get a UPI ID?

On the next page, you will see the name of your bank in the next page and your virtual address will appear and you will see the last 4 characters of your bank account. If this information is correct then click on Register.

You have to fill your password as soon as you register, the password will be displayed on your app, whenever you open the app, then even after filling this password, the app will open.

So fill your password again in the Confirm Password, enter the password and then fill the answer to your Secret Question. And click on Set App Password.


Then you log out from the App and then submit by filling the password and log in inside the App. As soon as you log in, you will get Notifications where you have to click on Set UPI Pin. UPI Full Form

As soon as you click on Set UPI Pin, you will see your account number and below that you have to fill the last 6 digits of your ATM card and its expiry date which you will get on your ATM card and as seen in the photo .

Enter your card details and click on submit. On clicking submit, OTP will come on your mobile, fill that OTP and below that fill your MPIN which you will use while making your payment. (These PINs will work like your ATM PIN is) Filling the MPIN and clicking on submit , your MPIN will be created. UPI Full Form

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How do you pay UPI?

As soon as you click on Pay, on the next page you will see 2 payment methods, with the help of these two you can send money to anyone very easily.

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From UPI ID :- In the method of UPI ID, you should have the virtual address of the person to whom you want to send money and with the help of that you can send money.

How do you pay UPI?
  • Payee Virtual Address : First fill the Virtual Address
  • Payee Name: Fill the name of the person to whom you want to send
  • Remarks: For whom you want to send, fill it
  • Transaction Amount : Fill the amount you want to send UPI Full Form
  • Click on Pay

Transfer to Bank :-  For this, you have to take a little more information, the one who has to send money should have his bank account number, he should have IFSC Code of the bank in which he has an account. Both these information you will get the passbook of his bank to whom you want to send money. If you have both the information then you can send money. UPI Full Form

  • Payee Account Number: Fill the bank account of the person to whom you want to send money
  • Payee IFSC Code : Fill the IFSC Code of the bank in which the account is to be sent.
  • Remarks: For whom you want to send, fill it
  • Transaction Amount : Fill the amount you want to send UPI Full Form
  • Click on Pay




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