What Is Data Mining

What Is Data Mining

What Is Data Mining

Data mining is also called data or knowledge discovery. Data mining is the process of searching small data from a group of very large data. Traditional statistics, artificial intelligence and computer graphics are used in this process.

In other words, “Data mining is a useful technique by which companies (companies) extract important information from a large group of data.”  What Is Data Mining

What Data Mining

Using data mining, hidden patterns and useful data are discovered and then decision making is made on the basis of these patterns and data and by using the process of data mining, organizations solve the problems in business.

In data mining, data mining tools are used to analyze the data. This tool is very powerful.

What Is Data Mining

Data mining has the following goals:-

  • Explanatory – The event or situation seen in this is explained.
  • Confirmatory – In this, the hypotheses are confirmed free of possibilities.
  • Analysis – In this new data is analyzed so that positive feedback can be given.

Advantage of Data Mining

Following are its benefits:- 

  • Through the technology of data mining, the company obtains information based on knowledge.
  • Through this, organizations improve their production and operation.
  • Data mining is cost effective as compared to other statistical data applications i.e. it saves cost.
  • Through this, decisions can be taken easily. What Is Data Mining
  • It is very easy to implement it in new systems.
    Its speed is very fast, due to which large data is analyzed in less time. What Is Data Mining
  • It easily finds profitable customers, which makes it easy to sell the product and the relationship with the customer is also better.

Disadvantage of Data Mining

Its disadvantages are given below:-

  • Its major disadvantage is that there is no security and privacy of data in it. In this, all the data is collected such as social media messages, photos etc. This ends the privacy of the people.
  • The data collected through data mining is mostly incomplete.
  • In this irrelevant (useless) data is also collected. What Is Data Mining

Characteristics of Data Mining

Its features are as follows:-

  • It predicts the future. This means that it predicts future events.
  • It focuses on large datasets and databases.  What Is Data Mining
  • In this, the prediction of pattern is automatic and it is based on behavior analysis.
  • It creates useful information.

Types of Data Mining

There are two types of data mining analysis, which are as follows:-

  • Predictive Data Mining Analysis
  • Descriptive Data Mining Analysis

Predictive Data Mining Analysis

It predicts future events. It is of four types.

  1. Classification Analysis
  2. Regression Analysis What Is Data Mining
  3. Time Serious Analysis
  4. Prediction Analysis

Descriptive Data Mining Analysis

It is used to convert data into useful information. It also has four types:-

  1. Clustering Analysis
  2. Summarization Analysis
  3. Association Rules Analysis
  4. Sequence Discovery Analysis

Applications of Data Mining

It is used in many places. Its applications are as follows:-

  • In the field of Healthcare – It is used to find out about the disease of the patient. It gives information about such hospitals where the patient can be treated in less money and less time.
  • In the field of market – the behavior of the customer is ascertained through data mining. In this it is seen that if the customer has bought something similar, then what other item will he buy with it.
Applications of Data Mining
  • In the field of education – the result of the student is predicted using data mining. It also tells how to teach and what to teach a student.
  • In Detecting Fraud – Nowadays many frauds are happening. Due to which the money of millions of people is wasted. Data mining helps in avoiding this.


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