White spots on teeth

White spots on teeth

White spots on teeth

What is the cause of white spots ?

These occur due to excessive fluoride in the teeth, lack of calcium and minerals etc. That’s why you should increase calcium and minerals in your diet.

Let us know what can be the natural remedy to cure white spots on teeth.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Nicotine can be the first cause of tooth discoloration. If you stop smoking, your teeth will have the same shine as before.



Take some basil leaves and grind it and apply it on the affected teeth. This will solve your problem.

Baking soda

Baking soda

You can easily lighten the white stains of teeth with baking soda. Take some baking soda, rub it lightly on the teeth daily.



If you eat an apple daily, the white spots on the teeth will come out. Apple contains a lot of iron, so eat it daily.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits

Calcium, iron and other essential minerals are found in dried fruits. Soak almonds at night and eat it during the day. With this, the white stains on the teeth will end quickly.  White spots on teeth

Don’t drink soda

Don't drink soda

Fructose and fluorides are found in soda. This reduces the mineral and calcium found in the teeth.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

There are many reasons due to which teeth start turning yellow. Teeth become yellow due to ageing, improper cleaning, excessive consumption of coffee, gutka, cigarette or hereditary reasons. Apart from this, overdose of antibiotics, exposure, infection and poor metabolism can also cause yellowing of teeth.  White spots on teeth

Home remedies can get relief

You should try some home remedies, which can prove to be helpful in removing the yellow coating from your teeth. If you have pale yellow teeth, these natural remedies can be helpful in whitening them and improving your smile. You will need patience for this.

Lemon strengthens teeth

Lemon not only has the properties of strengthening immunity, it is also used in skin related diseases. Lemon is also very popular for teeth whitening. For this, extract lemon juice and mix it in water. Rinse with this water. Another method of use is to rub lemon peel on your teeth, in a few days the teeth will start shining like before. White spots on teeth

Teeth whitening with strawberries

Strawberries can also clean teeth, it may sound surprising, but it is hundred percent true. Strawberries are also a main source of vitamin C like lemons. It acts as a natural cleanser. Make a paste of 2-3 strawberries. Keep this paste lightly on the teeth. Do this twice a day for a few weeks to get quick and best results.

Apple: – Increases freshness of breath

Apple is helpful in increasing the production of saliva. It also provides freshness to the breath. Using an apple daily is a good way to remove the spots on the teeth. For this, it is necessary to chew the apple thoroughly, so that the malic acid is released from it. Apple fiber is also helpful in removing tooth stains. White spots on teeth

Orange calcium will whiten teeth

If you regularly clean your teeth with orange peel, then its yellowing is reduced. Rub orange peel on the teeth every night before sleeping. Vitamin C and calcium present in orange peel fight against microorganism overnight. Try this for a few weeks, you will find that your teeth are starting to shine.

Dark chocolate also gives glow

There is good news for chocolate lovers. Those who cry about tooth decay from chocolate, know that dark chocolate helps in whitening your teeth. In fact, it is an excellent source of bromine, which is helpful in strengthening and whitening the surface of the teeth.

Teeth are remineralized with cheese

We generally do not consider paneer to be good for the teeth. It sounds a bit strange to hear for this reason, but the truth is that the use of cheese is also beneficial to get the glow of whiteness on the teeth. According to many researches, the teeth are re-mineralized by consuming a piece of cheese after a meal and the risk of tooth decay is significantly reduced. White spots on teeth

To keep teeth white, stay away from them

Stay away from tea, coffee, wine, coke etc. These dark colored beverages contain colored ingredients, which cause stains on the teeth. Keeping a distance from them will naturally reduce the stains on the teeth. If you are already consuming these beverages, then be sure to brush your teeth after drinking them. If you do not have a tooth brush available at that time or the sink is not near, then take a few drops of water and swish it in your mouth, so that its effect will be reduced. White spots on teeth

What to do if there is a worm in the teeth?

Worms are easily caught in the teeth of children because they eat more toffee-biscuit and chocolate. Children also have pain when they get a worm in their teeth and they can get a toothache at any time of the day or night.

Toothache is very severe and when this happens, children start crying in pain. Therefore, it would be better what you should do if there is a worm in the teeth of children and what are the home remedies to remove the worm in the teeth. White spots on teeth

Causes of worm in children’s teeth

When bacteria start forming inside the mouth of the child, then the worm in the tooth can start. Sweet sticks in the mouth of the child when he falls asleep while drinking milk from the bottle. After staying on its teeth for several hours, the bacteria flourish due to which the worm gets in the teeth.

On the other hand, if the child takes a dirty sip cup or bottle that has fallen on the ground for a long time, then bacteria also arise from it. Chewing or keeping something sweet for a long time in the mouth can also cause worm in the tooth. Apart from this, if you do not brush your teeth daily or do not pay attention to oral health, you can get worms in the teeth. White spots on teeth

symptoms of tooth worm

A white spot may first appear on the top tooth above the gum line when there is a worm in the tooth. It may be difficult for you to see this spot at first. The doctor can examine it and give the right treatment.

What to do if there is a worm in the tooth

Usually, lukewarm salt water is used in every household for toothache or worm infestation. It keeps bacteria away from the mouth and removes the stickiness from the cavity teeth. It also balances the acidic pH created by the cavity. White spots on teeth

Add a teaspoon of salt or rock salt to a glass of lukewarm water. After mixing it with water, make the child gargle. Gargle with it twice a day.

Clove oil is the remedy to remove worm in the tooth

Clove oil is also a remedy to remove the pain caused by a worm in the tooth. Its oil contains ignolol which relieves pain. Put a few drops of clove oil on the finger and massage the affected area with it. You have to do this remedy two to three times a day. If the child can massage his own teeth, let him do it.  White spots on teeth

Neem is a home remedy to remove tooth worm

Neem is also very effective in cleaning teeth. Chewing it strengthens the teeth and gums. It also removes plaque from teeth. Ask the child to chew neem bark or leaves for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water.

What to do for instant relief in toothache?

Put clove in tooth

If your teeth or molars are chipping, tingling or there is slight pain, then take a clove from your kitchen and press it between the tooth or molar which is having problem. White spots on teeth

Do not eat this clove by chewing it, but keep sucking it like toffee. By doing this, your toothache will be cured in a few minutes and you will be able to do your other things comfortably.

Hot water use

Hot water also provides relief in toothache. For this, you heat a glass of water and mix half a teaspoon of salt in it.

Now take small sips of this water and by holding this water in the mouth, compress the tooth which is causing pain. In this way you can practice for 10 to 15 minutes. You will get instant relief.  White spots on teeth

Uses of guava leaves

If there is a guava tree in or near your house, then you should pluck new and clean leaves from that tree if you have a toothache. Wash and clean these leaves and then chew slowly.

Chewing guava leaves also cures toothache. Because fresh leaves of guava have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They provide relief in toothache and reduce swelling of the tooth.  White spots on teeth

Remove toothache with raw onion

Onion is rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In case of toothache, peel the onion and cut it and keep a small piece of it between the teeth.

If you are facing problem in keeping the onion piece in your mouth like this, then you can grate the onion and prepare a foam by soaking cotton in its juice. Now keep this foam on the tooth. You will get rest. White spots on teeth

Remove toothache with asafoetida

You can also use asafetida to remove toothache. You take half a teaspoon of asafetida and mix it with lemon juice and prepare a paste. Heat this paste very slightly and then apply it on the tooth, which is causing pain. You will get instant relief. White spots on teeth


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