Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

In this Article you will know about lysosomes. Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags


These were discovered by De Duve in 1955 and are also known as suicidal bags (digestive bags) or atom bomb of the cell, due the presence of powerful hydrolytic enzymes which are able to digest every organic substance in the cell. It has complexly arranged lumen (internal space) in the form of packet that can serve a variety of function in a cell. Lysosomes occur practically in all animal cells and protozoans.


  •  Intracellular and extracellular digestion is perfomed by lysosomes, i.e., in intracellular digestion, individual cells may obtain food through phagocytosis and extracellular digestion occur when lysosomes release enzymes in the external enivironment through exocytosis.
  • It helps in disposing useless cells and replace them with new cell.i.e., breakdown of ageing and dead cell.
  • It helps in body defence system. Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

Cell Membrane or Plasma Membrane

This is the outermost covering of cell, separating the contents of the cell from its external environment. Plasma membrane is made up of lipids (major content is phospholipid) and proteins. Structurally, it is a thin, flexible and semi-permeable or selectively permeable membrane. The cytoplasm and nucleus are enclosed within the cell membrane. Animal cells, plant cells, prokaryotic cells and fungal cells all have cell membranes as their outer covering except viruses which are devoid of cell membrane. Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

Functions of Cell Membrane

  •  Its major function is to maintain shape of the cell by providing support to it.
  •  It protects the interior components of the cell by selectively allowing the movement of certain substances (ions, organic molecules) in and out of the cell. This function is regulated by selectively permeable nature of the membranes.
  • The flexible nature of the cell membrane allows the cell to engulf food and other substances from the surrounding environment and this process of intake is known as endocytosis, e.g., in Amoeba.
  • It also serves as a base for the attachment of cytoskeleton in some organisms and the cell wall in others.
  • It performs various other functions in a cell such as cell adhesion, ion conductivity and cell signaling.

Golgi Apparatus (Golgi Body)

It was first discovered by Camillo Golgi in 1898 in the  nerve cells of barn owl and cat. It is basically composed of flat sacs known as cisternae. The sacs are attached/stacked in a bent or semicircular shape. Each stacked grouping has a membrane that separates it inside from the cell cytoplasm. It is also composed of tubules (arising from the periphery of cisternae) and vesicles. These membranes get link to the membrane of ER and forms another complex membrane system.

Functions of Golgi Apparatus

  • The main function of Golgi apparatus is to carry out the processing of proteins  generated in ER.
  • It helps in the transportation of lipids around the cells .
  • In Golgi bodies, some complex sugars are formed from the simple sugars.
  • It also helps in the formation of cell wall (in plant cells) and lysosomes.

Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags


These are granular structures first observed under the electron microscope as dense particles by George Palade (1953). These are basically composed of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and proteins. Ribosomes are not surrounded by any membrane. It is the smallest cell organelle and was earlier known as microsomes before the contribution of Palade, who later called it ribosomes. The eukaryotic ribosomes are 80 S type while prokaryotic are 70 S type.

Function of Ribosomes

Its major function is to synthesise proteins in the cell, due to which it is also known as factory of protein in the cell.

Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

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Why Lysosomes are Called suicidal bags

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